I think the chain range has been nerfed a bit too much.
Feels pretty bad. I wish instead of reducing chain distance, they should have reduced total distance from the original cast location.

One of the side effects of the lower chain distance is that it's possible for a high hp rare mob to "tank" your Arc and stop it from hitting any stragglers that are just a bit too far.
I don't think the range nerf was necessary. Arc feels very clunky to use now. More often than not, I am unable to clear a single white pack that is on-screen without re-casting Arc several times to finish off rascals that took a few steps.

Storm Burst, Divine Ire, and Ball Lightning all feel strong, and are fun to use. Arc is now frustrating instead of fun, because there's a chance that a mob or two goes completely untouched. I am then faced with two decisions: waste time to finish off a few stragglers, or ignore my OCD that demands I kill everything. Both feel bad.

With most other skills, if I fail to meet my expected clearing speed, it's my fault. The Arc range nerf puts that out of my control.
Arc was my favourite skill and I usually only made a char based on that.

This distance modifier made it pretty much a hassle to use, with so many ranged enemies completely unaffected by the attacks that need to be taken down one at a time because the skill could not reach them.

I am a casual player of PoE so I don't really know all the ways the skill could be abused, but the new distance limit killed the game for me.

I'm trying a trapper now but I don't like the mechanics of that, I really miss Arc.
Maybe the chain distance should be like the damage - high at first and falling away with each chain.
I like the idea of damage fall off rather than a chain distance nerf.

I say that because for some reason winter orb will target destructables while storm brand doesn't, so I keep arc on me to destroy vases/crates, etc. For me it just adds for tedium to the game. I know this is a fairly minor point in the grand scheme of things, but that's my two cents.

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