Before starting to develop a new league, we carefully consider its distinctive theme, and with each league our art team does a tremendous job by bringing our ideas to life. For the Incursion League, our artists have created a strong and recognisable atmosphere, so we'd like to share several pieces of artwork from this league with you. Today we're showcasing the concept art of Vaal Architects, monsters from the Temple of Atzoatl and more!

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Grinding Gear Games
Wow, great concept artists!
That ghost dude is a handsome devil!
GGG need Vulkan!
Damn, that's sick!
Bring old CoC back! Please?
I just want incursion wallpaper

that one most black with indian lines/figures on top of leagues site
looks nice :)
LOl great job boys!
IGN: Абигел, Teofan, VuVu

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