[Featured by GGG] Tainted Paradise [3.3 Incursion League]

^screenshot from GGG

This Hideout was featured by GGG Hideout Showcase on Jun 13, 2018. Thank you guys, i love you <3

Hey guys,

im up with a new Hideout. I never thought i would ever reach the Hideout Object Limit, but today i did it :D

Im normally an Elreon Hideout builder, because i love the dark feeling and the option to play with the light effect. But today i wanted to try something different, wich is alot more challanging to me. So i decided to try out Haku, wich is nearly the complete opposide to Elreon. its bright af and very difficult for me to build it :/ and its by far the hugest hideout (maybe zana's hideout is simillar huge).

Sadly i cant upload a video, because i live with a good friend atm and looking for an own flat. And the internet is *'%&$?(§$!7 here :D So i hope u get a good impression of my screenshots ;)

The goal was to do a Hideout wich has a good contrast between a lovely place with alot of hazards around it. From the North (the waypoint area) comes a fire wich the survivor, from the boat mishap, try to avert. The way to the ocean is blocked because their whole ship is destroyed. So their only hope is the little paradide in the middle of the Island ;) Enjoy

if you want to see it ingame, just give me a PM!
IGN: _Delicious_Flat_Chest_

Fullsize Images

My Builds & Hideouts: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2083383

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dralanorr
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How do I find these places?
Congratulations ! I saw your work earlier and I was sure that you would be chosen and it happened! Now it makes sense to continue doing something new .

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