[3.3] Earendel's Embrace Minion Instability Necro - (Very scary build, not for the faint of heart)

Only time I could get zombies to act as proper meat shields without dying is through four linking Zombies + Minion Life + Fortify + Minion and Totem Resistances or life leech. I then put a single point in the "Minion Life Regen" and/or the "Minion Life and Life Regen" nodes. This works wonders early until they are a little bulkier.

To actually get them to where you need them to be, cursing a specific location works. Otherwise they follow Ball Lightning (where summoners usually put their dual curse setup) like moths to the flame. I find that pretty cool if I want them to move ahead of me. Especially since the ball lightning projectile is a little faster now.

Something I wanted to play around with for Instability Necro was with an all str Baron build and two Mon'tregul Grasps. Not a lot of safety. I wouldn't recommend it lol. Also tried using Maligaro's Lens with Necromantic Aegis to get some life regen. It didn't feel right either, as I had to be damn near on top of my minion to get the bonus.
It doesn't seems to work with zealoth oath so lets focus life

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