[3.3+]Martyr VMS Cast-on-Ignite Chieftain by Ravagore

azamantes wrote:
Rat cage seems hard to get this league.

Does the build work without it? What are some other chest options?

Oh man, you're absolutely right... No zana mod but it might be possible to get it through the Incursion Temple, we'll have to wait and see I guess but if there are Torment Rooms in the temples you may even be able to target farm for SSF too. Hmm.... We'll know in a couple of days.

As for replacement effects... No, there's no other way to make fire damage taken as physical sadly. Could always try Gluttony belt or Scold's Bridle but then you can just go JUGG if you want. Man now i'm sad lol

Shame, perhaps the build will be shelved for this league... It'll be unfortunate if they did all the vaal reworks then make a key component for this build unobtainable. :(

That being said, the new Unique Quartz flask that gives Vaal skills no dead-period for gaining souls. If we can get even the first version rolling early into the game we can try some VMS for leveling too.

Update: Rat Cage is in the league so build away and enjoy!
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Which bandit do you Kill/help?
heh always the bandit question. Guess i should have put it in there, my bad. We don't need the regen or the Crit multi so we go for 2 extra passive points. That's an extra jewel socket usually. Or in this case a frenzy charge for even faster mapping.
Absolutely loving the build so far. I've always loved cyclone and have been messing with eye of Innocence ever since the meme build of the week using EoI, TS, and Chieftain totems released back in Essence.
This build fills both of those loves at once and does incredible damage as well.

I've tried using Soul Catcher for the build and while I love it, the lack of mana sustain can be a bit aggravating. It will be an amazing boost when I get my hands on that upgraded version.
To further increase your dps, using Vaal Cyclone and Vaal Blade Vortex really ramps shit up. VBV triggers your VMS at an incredible rate so I generally cast VMS followed by VBV then run in with cyclone.

A quick note that this build really isn't that cpu intensive as it appears to be. My specs are absolute garbage and generally play with minimum settings just to have better frame rate. This build really doesn't do more than other builds for me in terms of lag. GGG has really upped their optimization game over the years. The throttles I've experienced so far have been either server sided or due to my shitty internet provider. Not graphical or processor related.
Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2309175
How does this build function into end game stuff? Is it guardian or shaper viable? Atziri obviously not, but she's lame anyway. I know it's hard to know right now because of the bug, but what do you think it will be capable of when the bug is gone?
Atziri hasn't been ignite immune since 3.0.
Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2309175
ioubigg wrote:
Atziri hasn't been ignite immune since 3.0.

The problem is the reflect. Can't really avoid it with this build.
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hey man, i have a problem with cyclone. how do you sustain mana? i cant keep up with mana cost...
Sorry everyone, i've been super busy at work and had a little vacation and wasn't able to get on my PC until TODAY! ugh! I'll answer some questions here but i don't have a character in Incursion yet. Seeing the current exalt prices (150c!!!) it looks like its going to be tough to build this toon anyway lol.

TonyFeat wrote:
i'm trying it with the trickster version, it does not throw shit everywhere but with incinirate it cleans up pretty well.
When buy the watcher eye, will solve the survival problem (example: +23 Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline).
the dps of molten shell i dont know how to calculate it, in the game it says 15k, but 15k each time it explodes?.
have a mana problem with boss for now(dont want to use warlord mark), if they find some way to keep mana against bosses they can write it, thanks

pob: https://pastebin.com/8qEFxcmm

Well you said you were trickster so cyclone mana should be no problem for you.

If you're using Incinerate as your main skill, i'm not sure how you'll get your mana back aside from warlord's mark or mana regen. I used warlord's mark for leveling as i dont really need the effects of any other curse BUT for incinerate idk how you'll get your mana leech aside from Warlord's.

Vaal Molten Shell damage is calculated per hit. So that's 15k every time it explodes for you.

DeeJayMahDK wrote:
hey man, i have a problem with cyclone. how do you sustain mana? i cant keep up with mana cost...

For the mana issues for cyclone i used warlord's mark Curse on Hit or Blasphemy while leveling until i could get jewels/passives for mana gain/leech.

I picked up a couple "Mana gained from attacks" or "Attack damage leeched as mana" jewels.

Finally that node down under duelist where we put our inspired learning jewel has 2 mana gained for each enemy hit by attacks and that's enough to sustain me while mapping.
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