3.2.3c Patch Notes

this patch crashed my game. wtf.
Remember old good times, when GGG do 1 hour announce before Patching.
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I think the intention was to roll it out seamlessly and the crash was unintentional.

Bad luck to those who died :(
All the danger of an abyss with none of the reward. . . :(
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lif44 wrote:
Game crashed after this restartless patch killing my 87 sab in the hc ssf race.

A little bit of a notice would have been great instead of seeing a 'Path of Exile has stopped working' only to have my character to stay in the game and die.

Thanks ggg.
Oh shit, dude, that's kinda frustrating.
Thanks for the update, especially the recipe dialoges where annoying when fighting a breach with harbingers and beyond :)

Too bad for those who crashed and lost a character to this. I will probably wait then until GGG announces they fixed it before i continue in ssfhc.
"Fixed a bug where the "Close all panels" hotkey didn't close the Bestiary recipe notifications."

Good job finally getting around to that.

I found that simply opening and closing the bestiary book when you learned a new recipe was a reasonable work around.
After the update I can't start the game, What time are they gonna fix it?
Free HH to all who died in a HC league!!!
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