At the end of next week we will announce the full details of the next challenge league and introduce its new supporter packs! Many of you have supported us so much over the years that you're now running out of space to show off all of your supporter titles on the forum. We've created a new badge system that will launch alongside these supporter packs and allow you to show off more of your titles at once!

When the system is live, you will be able to go to "My Account" then "Supporter Titles" and be able to opt into the badge system by clicking the upgrade banner. It will convert your forum titles into decorative square badges that use the space next to your forum posts more economically so that you can show off an unlimited number of them at any one time. However, you can only have one badge from each supporter pack set displayed at once. You can opt back out of the system at any time and revert to your original supporter titles.

Please note that the image above is a preview and the actual size of the badges might change.

Over time we will also be adding badges for various achievements like showing that you've won a fan art competition or that you're a featured member of the community. We hope that you enjoy the new system! Thank you so much for all of your support.
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice, time to buy more packs lul
Hopefully this will make for more concise forum threads. Even on the opening page, there is evidence why this is needed.
Light as a neutral force.

The new flesh emerges.
i want an option to make my badges bigger and more obnoxious
First Pokemon League... now Gym Badges... Who wants to be the very best, like no one ever was?
"The key to winning any fight is simply staying alive."
Just what i was looking for, bigger E-Man
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Cool, time to collect badges.
nice change

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