3.2.2c Patch Notes

What ring trick?
IGN: @Ecuno | Elkcuro
Ecuno wrote:
What ring trick?

Look up Atlas Elder Ring.
You can create elder influence around the map (forming a ring of influence) which will never go away nor move, giving you perma elder influence on maps.
Fixed a bug where The Elder's corpse was able to be consumed, causing the explosion to not occur.

Would love to see a reaction of that from a player who achieved that when it happened. That sounds OP (but also could have been a clever easter egg)
Fixed a bug where the Plummeting Ursas in the Underground River boss fight displayed that they could be captured.

#@%^&!!! I ran that map 3 or 4 times trying to catch one of those stupid things. I switched net types even. I just figured they were dying faster than I could click a net on them.
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Bubonic Trail's explode the body, still possible to see it on the minimap and the corpse on the floor, but impossible to target it when welding the Necromancy Net. Tested two times
Fixed a bug where Beastiary league sucked ass.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Get nets out of the inventory. I would love to give Bestiary another chance.

If one slot is too much for you to make room for, how do you handle portal scrolls then LUL
"Patch" of Exile... wow ... write ssd write write... boring update frequently
Fixed a bug where players could get stuck when entering the Primordial Pool boss room.

Its About time...TY GGG
Qarl wrote:
3.2.2c Patch Notes
  • Yellow Beasts, Legendary Beasts and Albino Rhoas can no longer have their corpses destroyed or consumed (other than by Necromancy Nets).

Works perfectly with Inpulsa & Volatile dead. Thanks!

During update it said the game cannot install on FAT32 partition, but my partition is NTFS. After uninstall/reinstall it worked fine. Weird. (probably a steam-related error)
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