[3.5] HowTo Lightning Arrow Slayer - Beginner friendly

This Guide is WIP. I'll add stuff from time to time. Its a pretty default softcore bow build using the generic offensive and defensive slayer perks and some abyssal items.

Please be aware, that bow builds in general tend to be a bit harder as a league starter. If you want to play a bow char anyways you can try my build and i'll try to help you through the leveling by answering questions and providing some of my experiences.

Thanks alot to LiftingNerdBro for featuring me in his Flashback suggestions!


I will play 3.5 and it will be a LA char, as my poison build last league wasn't that fun for me. Possible goals for Betrayal are crafting a rare bow with the new opportunities (new master + veiled mods) as an alternative for Lioneye's and trying new uniques (esp. the bows).

As far as i can see my build wont change that much. My approach will be LA + Barrage for the endgame of this season. To start into the league i might use Scourge Arrow first.

To show my progress i'll try to upload a few videos of my char entering endgame content, such as Shaper or Red Elder.

3.5 Endgame Scion Variant (Slayer/Deadeye)

I was crafting on a bow for fun an got this (even though ele pen might be worse than chaos :P). It made me come back to LA this league and try it. To get more HP i leveled a Scion to see the power of the double Meeks. I just have to 6L the bow in the next few days and buy an Unnatural Instinct for full $$$ gear. The rest is kinda the same except the uber elder ring for more dmg, which is usable resistance wise, because Scion. Dropped the 2 socket tomb fist by myself. 1 Socket is also fine.

Currently at 6.8khp and around 1M shaper dps without flasks and shit.

Update: Linked the bow and got basically all i wanted. Scion feels alot better at the moment, because of the hp pool and the possibility to use unnatural instinct. In addition to that you can still benefit from the most important Slayer perks and also gain some accuracy and damage from Deadeye. Be aware, that Scion might need more currency to get going but is a better scaling variant of my build at the moment.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/tABwythT
3.5 Hydra T16: https://youtu.be/ReOu-MNuL4Y


3.5 My starting gear with PoB, leveling details and info

Skills: Shrapnel Shot into Rain of Arrows, take onslaught, herald of ice, decoy totem

Day 1
After ~8h into the league, 2 labs, bought a bow

Day 2
bought 2 rings, bought prophecy for quiver + good rolled quiver, bought chest

Day 3
5 linked belly, bought boots, fixed some gems links
currently thinking about crafting a bow

Day 4
5 linked the bow, bought ring, reset gems to l1/q20, corrupted a few quiver, switched to chain to give it a try (someone under the YT vid asked, why im using pierce. I was basically only using it because i used it last season. If im right GGG changed chain a bit)
[check pob or my skill tree by clicking on my name on the right side of this post to see my jewels]

Day 5
bought a watcher's eye with added cold damage while affected by hatred, this is mandatory for red maps, chains feels good, ill keep it instead of pierce
[check pob or my skill tree by clicking on my name on the right side of this post to see my jewels]
https://pastebin.com/W59DaVRq - forgot the link, this is the day 6 one

Day 6
Vaal Pact, Lioneye's Fall jewel, respecced frenzy charges, rolling belly to 6l atm - was a bit greedy and ended up with a 4l
[check pob or my skill tree by clicking on my name on the right side of this post to see my jewels]
https://pastebin.com/W59DaVRq (the same like before)

Im playing Lightning Arrow (LA) as a league starter since i started playing PoE several 1000 hours ago and i experienced alot of build variants over the time. Because of that alot of ppl ask me for help with their bow chars. To answer those questions i wanted to create my own small section here in the build section. Maybe i can help a few others with my playstyle and opinion too. I'll try to make this as beginner friendly as a bow build can be and try to answer alot of questions.

I have a Deadeye and a Slayer, both lvl 92 at the moment (Bestiary league), but i prefer the Slayer for its survivability. Another motivation for this was, that there is no slayer with my loved LA in the poe.ninja build list :( Lets change that!

Feel free to ask or post your feedback!

- big shatters
- strong Slayer mechanics:
-> generic damage
-> increased area of effect
-> 20% cull
-> overleech
- cheap to start with
- good scaling into the endgame
- feels so tanky with cheap gear compared to Dead Eye
- easily killed: Shaper / Guardians / Uber Atziri / Vaal Temple / Red Elder
- no Blood Rage degen

- not as fast as a Deadeye
- feels bad in uber lab
- you are not immortal (compared to a 100ex RF jugg -.-)

Most important things first: PoB link (I will start into 3.5 with this)

This is my current gear (char name: HowToOffscreen - lvl 92). I got it to endgame and bought alot of expensive items. To get a cheaper variant check below. My gear might currently be on my Deadeye HowToBeastiary.

- 2.9M dps (full life and flasks on close range - 1.3M without flasks)
-> this is more than enough for easy shaper etc
- 5.5k hp

My LvL 92 LA Slayer (9.4.18): https://pastebin.com/t187BmiJ
My LvL 92 LA Slayer (21.4.18): https://pastebin.com/wJEMhwny

Both PoB links still work for 3.5!

My LvL 92 tree:

Quickstart: I reached lvl 70, found an ex and i want gear!

This is the gear from a friend i helped a few days ago. He had some currency to spend and not every single piece costs just one chaos but its a solid start.

LvL 90 with decent gear:

You can easily replace the Lioneye's Fall (100c+) and the Watcher's Eye (Hatred: added cold dmg, 1ex+) with with abyssal jewels. Here's a LvL 70 example. If you cant afford the 5L just get the item and 4L it by yourself. The belly can also be replaced with a 4L/5L rare with hp. We are in softcore and deaths happen, having 20 lightning resistance is ok in the beginning.

LvL 70 tree & gear:

Bandits / Ascendancy / Pantheon

Alira is the only real option here. She offers damage and helps getting resist while having alot of uniques.


You can also do 3,1,2,4.

Big pantheon
Soul of the Brine King is a must have to avoid chain stuns.

Small pantheon
Its up to you either a defensive option like Soul of Gruthkul /
Soul of Garukhan or utility like Soul of Yugul for reflect reduction.

Gem Setup

Lightning Arrow (+ GMP + Pierce + Inc Crit Strikes + Elemental Damage)
- skip crits for 4L, it only helps clearing a bit with shatter
- you can try Mirage Archer instead of Inc Crit Strikes
- add added cold for 6L, i dont rly see a need for that though

Ice Shot (alternative) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Damage + Added Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or instead of Mirage Archer
- if you replace Mirage Archer take Ice Bite as 6L
- you can replace Added Cold with Chain if you have enough damage (just try it)

Tornado Shot (alternative) (+ GMP + Mirage Archer + Elemental Damage + Added Cold)
- add Inc Crit Strikes for 6L or instead of Mirage Archer
- if you replace Mirage Archer take Damage on Full Life as 6L
- you can replace Added Cold with Chain if you have enough damage (just try it)

It's up to you which skill you use. If you haven't played them just start with a 4L and try them all. They should work with the same support gems (GMP, ED, MA/AC). Mirage Archer is also personal preference, just try it if you found your skill.

Barrage (+ Elemental Damage + Ele Focus + Dmg on Full Life + Added Cold)
[pseudo 6L with elemental penetration from the chest]
- skip added cold for 4L
- add Slower Proj or GMP as 6L, check PoB for that and maybe replace added cold if you dont use a shroud of the lightless body armour

Blast Rain (+ Conc Effect + Elemental Fokus + Damage on Full Life + Elemental Damage with Attacks)
- skip Damage on Full Life for 4L

Curse on Hit / Herald of Ice / Ice Bomb (optional) / Assassins Mark
- Assassin's Mark vs trash with Herald of Ice
- Assassin's Mark vs bosses with Ice Bomb

Ice Golem

Blood Rage

Vaal Haste


Blink Arrow / Frenzy (+ Faster Attacks)

You can level everything except Frost Bomb, levels dont matter here.

You can easily get level 20 gems with 20% quality by yourself if you use this vendor recipe:

src: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vendor_recipe_system (look for "skill gems")

Just level the gem to level 20 and reset it to level 1 to get the 20%. You have to level it up again, but you get the 20/20 gem just by playing. This is really important if the league is fresh and quality gems are expensive.

Gear choices / options
I might replace a few uniques for 3.5. Lioneye's Glare, Belly of the beast, Starkonja's and Atziri's Promise will be good starter items. The same goes for the Quiver and the bow later on. Tombfist should also be mandatory.


All poe.trade links give examples with lower rolls. You can tweak them by adding mods or raising tiers of rolls (check poeaffix.net). The prices are from the second month of bestiary league. You might have to change Standard league to the current league if it is
a later league.

Some of my items have corruptions or enchants that are not necessary and cost several exalts. Just look at the poe.trade links for cheap examples of alternatives. These are just examples, in the end you have to balance your resistances by yourself. Aim for 75%+ in every resistance.


If you cant afford the Dying Sun just replace it with a life flask or a resist flask for Atziri or sth. The magic flasks are all easy to craft. Look for inc duration / inc charges gained / red charges used / max charges + immunity. Blast Rain wont need a dying sun.

Its allways nice to have chill/freeze immunity on Quicksilver Flasks to counter chilled ground in maps. At least one of the remaining flasks should be used for curse immunity to counter temp chains in maps. The last flask is up to you, if you want a second chill/curse immunity or some evasion/resist. Bleed is not needed, because we are bleed immune (Endless Hunger in your ascendancy).


Lioneye's Glare is rly strong dps wise and also offers 100% chance to hit. The normal hit cap achieved by a Deadeye is 95%.

Im using a 5L one for my Lightning arrow and the 6th socket for my Blood Rage. Just try to get one with the highest dmg you can afford at the moment. If you get a 350+dps one you can also corrupt it for some more dps.

poe.trade 5L EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/nahahariokaono (25c+)

For endgame bosses you can swap to a Chin Sol for roughly 50% more damage (PoB).

Body Armor

Shroud of the Lightless provides alot of damage with its 6th link, thats not available as a skill gem in the game and isnt element specific with its penetration. In addition you get an extra jewel socket for more dps/life. The Shade Form skill is useless as its only up for a few seconds and has a 45s cd. If you cant afford a Shroud start with a rare or a Belly of the Beast for some more life and resist.

As a beginner i would skip the Shroud and use a rare or belly.

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/omabaruritahak (2ex+)
belly 5L EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/nonihasosinaka (35c+)
rare 5L EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/oyootonimasina (3c+)


Just buy Starkonjas. Its cheap helps with getting life and has deeps. The +1 barrage projectile can be replaced by other barrage or lightning arrow enchants. If you cant afford any of them just take one without enchant (there are some cool ones at 10-20c).

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/ooriririakamot (10c+)


Signal Fire helps converting our damage from phys to elemtal and offers more damage. Try to get a 30+ extra damage roll if possible. The +1 arrow corruption is not necessary.

Blast Rain doesnt need the extra phys to ele conversion. You can take a rare Spike Point Quiver instead.

Crit Multi > Elemtental Damage > Life (Attack Speed or a shaped additional Arrow are nice but not mandatory)

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/agonahanohadok (3c+)

I use Tomb Fist for the intimidate (10% inc damage taken effect on hit) and the additional jewel sockets, which scale with our body armor. If you cant afford the 2 socket variant take the 1 socket one. Remember to use a Murderous Eye and a Searching Eye Jewel to get both boni. If you only have one prioritize the Murderous Eye jewel.

Price for 1 Socket: 1c
Price for 2 Sockets: 1ex~


Crit Multi > Life > Elemental Damage > Attributes / Resist
I usually use my Amulet for damage and attributes. We dont rly want to skill +30 str/int in the tree! The best base might be an Agate Amulet. Overall we need 122 Int (chest) and 111 Str (damage on full life). If possible its allways nice to craft cold damage on amulets.

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/hosikusanorowo (5c+)


Life > Resist > Elemental Damage > added cold
Dont be scared of buying a Two-Stone resist bomb! If you need resist you can get it on your ring. There are enough items to get damage on. If you can afford it later on you can get a ring with an Opal Ring base. Overall we need at least 75% in all resists. If you can afford it go up to 109% to be safe against the Elemental Weakness curse (-34%) in red maps. If possible its allways nice to craft flat cold damage on rings.

Endgame: Curse on hit ring

poe.trade EXAMPLE (two-stone): http://poe.trade/search/itotenitehinob (1c+)
poe.trade EXAMPLE (opal): http://poe.trade/search/auwogoriteruka (30c+)


Life > Resists > Elemental Damage
This slot is for life and resist as its one of our few non uniques. If you cant afford a Stygian Vize + Jewel start with a Leather Belt. Remember, that you can craft resist and weapon elemental damage on belts.

poe.trade EXAMPLE (leather belt): http://poe.trade/search/mihehokitaaohi (1c+)
poe.trade EXAMPLE (stygian vize): http://poe.trade/search/anogusimitaitu (20c+)


Just like the belt, our boots are for life and resist. Depending on your budget get boots with atleast 25% Movement Speed as we dont rly have other options to get through maps faster. If you can, get a added damage lab enchant or farm it by yourself. I went with a Two-Toned base to be elemental weakness capped in maps(109% resists).

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/atokuamabahedu (5c+)

SSF Tip:
I got asked about the priorities in chancing for SSF. I guess you want to go for Lioneyes and Starkonjas, because they are really strong and not that easy to replace with rares. A belly for example is really easy to replace by a rare chest with hp and res. It might also depends on your luck with rares and what uniques you loot.

If you really want to you can also try to chance the Lioneye's Fall jewel but im not sure if its worth it.

The other uniques are not that important or simply not chanceable (like the flask).

Abyssal Jewels

For our jewels we aim for life and damage on Searching Eye Jewels. Depending on your budget just go down a tier or two with damage mods. To start off buy or craft (alt + regal) jewels with life and 2 damage mods. If you want to craft try to get hp (atleast t3) + damage and then regal. Even a blue jewel is better than nothing.

If you want some examples look at the jewel slots in my gear above or my PoB link (i cant rly link them here...)

Good mods:

- life
- flat added cold/fire/lightning damage to bows

- flat added cold/fire/lightning damage
- crit multi
- attack speed on crit (allways up)
- all resist

Try to avoid:
- single resist
- crit chance (we have enough crit chance)
- x on kill (not allways up)

poe.trade EXAMPLE: http://poe.trade/search/iseidoredumati (5c+)

If you are heading into endgame and want to spend $$$ on jewels its rly expensive to buy jewels with 4 good stats including life. I got a lot of my jewels by crafting and buying 3 mod ones with life and 2 prefixes (life + bow damage), because its easier to hit a usable suffix (flat damage, multi, atk spd on crit, ...) with a slam.

Tree options

Option 1:
To replace the Lioneye's Fall look at the PoB link in the
"Quickstart" section and look at the second link with the lvl 70 tree.

In general: If you dont like some nodes i chose just dont take them and add some life if you feel squish. Some unskilled life can be found near the ranger:

Another option is to specc into the pierce nodes and replace the Pierce gem in the LA links. It also offfers some more QoL for our Barrage as it doesnt get blocked by smaller trash between you and the boss. The open gem can be used for added cold damage.

Option 2:
I went all out with the leech nodes, because it feels a lot safer with so much leech.

Vaal Pact

Vitality Void

Soul Raker

If you feel like thats too much try taking some points out of leech. I would start with Vitality Void, because Soul Raker also offers Dps and mana leech. On the other hand Soul Raker needs the Lioneye's Fall jewel which is expensive.


In general: If you want to play Lightning Arrow (lvl 12, reward for The Siren's Cadence Act 1) for leveling link it with Lesser Mulitple Projectiles (lvl 8, reward for: The Caged Brute Act 1) and get Blast Rain (lvl 28, reward for Sever the Right Hand Act 3) for single target. For the first few levels you can use Split Arrow (reward for Enemy at the Gate Act 1). You can also go with Ice Shot or Tornado Shot instead of Lightning Arrow.

With 3.3 you can also level with Rain of Arrows. I think its one of the best options right now.

RoA + Mirage Archer + Added Cold + Elemental Damage with Attacks

To support your damage use Herold of Ice and Herald of Lightning (lvl 16, reward from Intruders in Black Act 2). If you can sustain your Mana you can try Hatred (lvl 24, reward for Lost in Love Act 3) + Herald of Ice. In case of Mana Problems skill one Mana Leech node near Essence Sap. You dont really need the curse setup or Vaal Haste for leveling, just use what you get and try it. Take all other Gems from my list above like your Ice Golem (lvl 34, Breaking the Seal Act 4).

If you use Tabula Rasa just throw in some gems you get like Added Cold Damage (lvl 8, reward from The Caged Brute Act 1) or Onslaught (lvl 1, Mercy Mission Act 1).

If you feel too weak buy some items from poe.trade. There are some really cheap uniques and rare items you can use until the end of the story:

Leveling Gear
- Goldrim (lvl 1, helm, rly good with a lot of resists)
- Wanderlust (lvl 1, boots, alot of movement speed)
- Tabula Rasa (lvl 1, 6L body armor)
- Karui Ward (lvl 5, amulet, damage, movement speed)
- Wurm's Molt (lvl 8, belt with mana leech)
- Hyrri's Bite (lvl 10, quiver) - EASY to craft by yourself (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hyrri%27s_Bite)
- Belt of the Deceiver (lvl 20, damage, life, resist)
- any Iron Rings until:
- Thief's Torment (lvl 30, no more mana problems)

Get some life and resists on your other items.

- Silverbranch (lvl 1) - solid start
- Death's Harps (lvl 32) - really strong
- A rare bow can help until you get a Lioneye's:
poe.trade EXAMPLE (lvl 25): http://poe.trade/search/agamihamakimah
poe.trade EXAMPLE (lvl 45): http://poe.trade/search/umotetasiyeken
(You can adjust the level and dps of the bow in my search depending on you current level.)
- Infractem (lvl 53) - not really needed
- Lioneye's glare (lvl 66) - our goal

Skill Tree
Get life and physical damage nodes first. Skip jewel sockets (if you cant afford them) and dont be afraid of taking +30 str/int nodes. I dont have a exact time when you should do your lab, just dont wait too long. Its worth doing it.

lvl ~15:

lvl ~40 (with 1 lab):

Bling Bling Leveling
I started this league leveling all my chars except the first one using Cutedogs guide with Poets Pens (vd + body swap). Its expensive but its the most efficient way i know.

I will play the 3.3 Incursion league. Im not sure what ill change but Blast Rain might be a goto. In addition to that ill follow the hint from Riggadaddy and try a cwtd setup (most likely just 2 gems) with Soul of Arakaali.

Riggadaddy wrote:
What are your thoughts on Soul of Arakaali, and using a cwdt+ic setup with blood rage to help trigger the 50% increase life recovery rate?

3.3 Shaper kill with cheap gear: https://youtu.be/HKcADNAwniQ

My 3.3 Changes
After a few hours of leveling Rain of Arrows feels really good.

RoA + Mirage Archer + Added Cold + Elemental Damage with Attacks

Gear Progression
lvl 88 PoB: https://pastebin.com/Gvn5nsfG
lvl 90 PoB: https://pastebin.com/uCu4cUmk
lvl 92 PoB: https://pastebin.com/zVbHX8QR

The gear stays the same, except the Quiver. If i keep Blast Rain i wont need a Signal Fire. In this case a rare should be my best option (hp + crit multi + wed + crit chance [+ extra arrow + attack speed] on a Spike Point). With Belly im at 5k+ hp. Ill keep the Belly until i get better jewels.

The tree also got some small changes for leveling and my start into the endgame. I havent bought a Lioneye's Fall jewel until now (8 free skill points) and with Blast Rain / without Signal Fire the Winter Spirit and Fangs of Frost Cluster might not be worth it (6 skill points). I currently got 3 extra Frenzy charges and some physical damage in the Deadly Draw cluster instead.

Last but not least im trying Soul of Arakaali. I dont really miss the Stun Immunity but im not sure about the actual impact from the extra life recovery. This will be tested later.

The Incursions are fun, but killed me a bit too much until now (red tier atleast). Ill try Phase Acrobatics to compensate. Feels good until now.

I might try Kaom's Heart + Tempest Binding if im done gearing my ED char.

current lvl 93 tree

My 3.3 Gear


Basic Variant, killed shaper with this in the video above:


Testing and currency Dumping for more HP, just cause



T16 Hydra - 3.5 - Betrayal (5m): https://youtu.be/ReOu-MNuL4Y
T16 Chimera - 3.2 - Bestiary (6m): https://youtu.be/3zGjRXrdicY
T15 Reef - 3.3 - Incursion (5m): https://youtu.be/Ja-TJfU69_w - sry, had shadow play problems
Shaper - 3.3 - Incursion (11m): https://youtu.be/HKcADNAwniQ

9.4.18: added chin sol to weaopns
9.4.18: started leveling section
21.4.18: added Ice Shot/ Tornado Shot
21.4.18: updated the PoB link with the TS and IS links
6.6.18: added a 3.3 section with my current build changes
21.6.18: added a T15 vid
21.6.18: updated the 3.3 cahnges section
26.6.18: added shaper vid
26.6.18: linked Kaom's/Tempest's Binding gear
26.6.18: starting a 3.4 section - i basically skipped delve
6.12.18: starting a 3.5 section
11.12.18: adding daily updates
13.1.19: added scion version
15.1.19: added scion t16 video

- add more info when progressing
[GER] - IGN: HowToSynthesis
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[GER] - IGN: HowToSynthesis
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One of the most fun builds ive played so far. The fun of a bow character combined with the safety of slayer. IF you dont need super highspeed movement you will enjoy this
why you choose LA instead of Ice Shot?
uriahby wrote:
why you choose LA instead of Ice Shot?

It is just personal preference. I like the sound of a lightning arrow that shatters a group. You can try both and play what you prefer.

Edit: I added example links for Ice Shot and Tornado Shot in the gems section.
[GER] - IGN: HowToSynthesis
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Thanks. one more dumb question for noob - what is purpose of this barrage setup? as i understand LA/IS/TS is main damage, so why you need barrage?
Really well written and good organization.

Small consideration, I'm a big fan of Alchemist Quicksilver of Adrenaline so I felt it was justified to drop Atziri Flask (as damage is already quite good) for Amethyst of Warding and move my Flask affixes around. I did a push on Scion recently, basically another class that do not have access to free Ailment Immunity, and this felt like the most comfortable option.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.


Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
Last edited by _Saranghaeyo_ on Apr 23, 2018, 8:44:28 AM
uriahby wrote:
Thanks. one more dumb question for noob - what is purpose of this barrage setup? as i understand LA/IS/TS is main damage, so why you need barrage?

The single target is a rly huge difference compared to the others. You can feel it vs red beasts and later bosses.

_Saranghaeyo_ wrote:
Really well written and good organization.

Small consideration, I'm a big fan of Alchemist Quicksilver of Adrenaline so I felt it was justified to drop Atziri Flask (as damage is already quite good) for Amethyst of Warding and move my Flask affixes around. I did a push on Scion recently, basically another class that do not have access to free Ailment Immunity, and this felt like the most comfortable option.

Thanks! Yes, flasks are a bit about personal preference. I'm using the Atziri Flask for damage and some additional leech.
[GER] - IGN: HowToSynthesis
In terms of damage which is better between LS, IS and TS?
Is it possible to play it as a Scion, for the overleech of slayer and the speed of raider?

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