3.2.2b Patch Notes

If bestiary limits removed it would be best for the game and players so they dont need to care and check EVERY time.
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a few new items and few bug fixes total an update of 1.3gig? how in the hell is that even possible!? fcksakes
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These updates are insane , really ...a new download every few days ...and a fking large one at that ...each time !!!

How is this possible for a few bug fixes and 2 new items to download 1.3gb ...

Should i buy a new hard drive for the upcoming updates? wtf?
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Guys you do know that when you Download 1.3g you actually don't install 1.3g right?
looks like alot of fixes. Is there a list of fixes to come?
Despair974 wrote:
Guys you do know that when you Download 1.3g you actually don't install 1.3g right?

And in fact people are complaining about having to download 1.3GB for a bunch of fixes and 2 uniques, not about their installation size.

And yes I too want to complain about that. 1.3GB, really?!?
Stop crying and change yours internet poor creatures.
So is there a way to know what are the new items?
Guys and gals at GGG,

HOW can you manage to make game LESS optimized with every new patch?

Since bestiary, EVERY little patch drops FPS and today it's almost unplayable with same computer which had no problem during Abyss.
18 patches and hotfixes and counting.

Is this the most fixes for any new content upgrade so far?
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