[3.3] Gladiator Spectral Shield Throw pure phys bloodsplosion - easy and safe

SST is a fun skill, and from my experience, it's a great and affordable league starter.
I've made a very similar build to yours, and was blasting through almost anything.. until I got to Guardians and Elder (on T15 map). The damage (of my build) is too low, and it's not tanky enough.

So, out of curiosity, what is your tooltip DPS and defense stats?
IGN: Knivjohan
tooltips (with auras, without flasks):
clear setup: 16000
single target setup: 52000

life: 5500
ar: 17000
ev: 1500
block: 50
spell block: 50

i use Rumi's and Sulphur flasks

i have 'blind on hit' abyss jewel ready but never used it

damage vs strongest single targets isnt great but the tankability with 'recover life on block' and high block is good enough


I have the same setup for Map Clear and Single, which is 55k in Hideout, and around 65k with totem and golem. Bleed dps is close to 11k. (Then you have all the Damage Against Bleeeding enemies and stuff..)

My stats are almost identical. 5700 life, 17700 ar, 49% block. Dropped the Versatile Combatant node for the Violent Retaliation (to get more dps) but I think spell block might be worth it.

Been using a Basalt Flask, but I might try a Rumi's

Gear as follows:


I took a break from the game, but I'll see if I can polish this build further. Great league starter in any case. Fun and strong up until, well, the very last bits of the game.
IGN: Knivjohan
'updated' for 3.3 AKA bump - there are no changes. build works fine and due to its pretty good AOE and rather weak Architects it should be very good incursion runner if you are into that
I'm running this build on HC Incursion.

Currently I'm lvl 78 and I have had a few very close calls, I think the "Enemy projectiles pierce you" mod on the Lioneye's Vision is way to dangerous in Incursions, do you have a good way of dealing with the ranged mobs there?

Anyway it might be a good idea to make a note of it in your guide for HC players.
Hi, nice build, I give it a try in this season. Have you some advice for the Pantheon?
Hey there, I'll be trying this build starting tomorrow. Two questions, as I am not the most knowledgeable player yet since I'm rather new in the game.

1- Why not take Iron Reflexes?

2- Why not go for the maximum available Block chance? Is it because you really need the extra dps?

Thanks for the build, it looks really fun.
Is there any update for Delve league?
Thanks a lot for this build.
I was using before my gladiator for tankiness, but dealt almost no damage. With this build, I feel being tanky and dps-y too. It feels great for map clearing without worrying of death. It's a wonder what few changes can do.

Thanks a lot!

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