[3.6] Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist

Amazing, I tried this build for the flashback event in progress and it's great
Is this rare better than Divinarius for this build?

i think that this rare is not better ..

Btw.. i have question .. i adding gems to my gear and i now building better gear what u write here.. and see that here is a new gems "artic armor" why this artic armor gem is not in your linked gem description ?
what's everyone's take on Unleash as a 6th link for mapping (and then switch it out for conc for toughies)?

I mean, it does absolutely nothing for damage but that also means it doesn't reduce it like Spell Echo does. It should however help immensely with the annoying play style..


edit: I've been testing Unleash since level 38 (now in the sixties) and I have to say that it's absolutely amazing for clearing fast. I've never been a fan of the BV playstyle but I kept trying to force it because I really like the concept of this build in particular. Now I'm actually enjoying it a LOT.
with unleash, the playstyle changes from run run M2 M2 M2 run run M2 M2 etc to run run run run M2 run run run run M2 (substitute run for WB) which is actually a huge QoL which I can't emphasize enough. now it feels like a regular spell that you cast once every few seconds.
I really recommend everyone to try it for themselves, especially the ones that hated the BV playstyle before, like me. It's a gamechanger imo.
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Hi could someone send me an up to date skill tree coz i dont know how to open that pastebin link
Any thoughts on doing this as a pathfinder? Feeling too lazy to level another witch and wondering if this works decently well on a PF
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Hi could someone send me an up to date skill tree coz i dont know how to open that pastebin link

You use Path of Building to open pastebin links. You can find Path of Building here.
Has anybody an updated tree?
Thanks in advance!
Which glove enchants are the best coz i read of blades is decent i have of spite.
Just built this at end of league to roll with in standard. Leveling through tier 7-9 maps at level 77 before grabbing Beacon of Ruin.

Is this build still viable with the elementalist and warlords mark nerfs?

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