Xbox One 3.2.0b Patch Status

Last week we released Patch 3.2.0b on PC. We have nearly finished testing this patch on Xbox One and we expect to be able to release it to the live realm by the end of the work week.

This patch contains all of the changes that were in PC 3.2.0b, as well as various Xbox bug fixes. For more information on what was in PC 3.2.0b, please see the patch notes thread.

We’ll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed date for the release of this patch on Xbox One.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and bug reports.
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Grinding Gear Games
Hello everyone,

A build of 3.2.0b has been submitted to Microsoft for certification. As soon as I've heard back from the certification team I'll be able to post a release date and time.

Jarvo wrote:
you have just mentioned 3.2.1 patch, which i assume is for PC only, when are we likely to get this come to xbox as well? or will we see 3.2.0b first then have to wait weeks for 3.2.1? Could you not delay a week and just release 3.2.1 straight to the xbox as well and skip the 3.2.0b release?

Hi Jarvo,

3.2.0b will come first on Xbox, with 3.2.1 coming to Xbox following the PC release. As for all patches we'll aim to have it released on Xbox One within a week of the PC launch.
Hello everyone,

We will be releasing patch 3.2.0b today at 12:00am UTC. Patch notes will be posted shortly before release time.

Hello everyone,

We've identified the issue and are working on resolving it. All of your characters are intact.
Hello everyone,

We've resolved the issue and the realms have been brought back up, very sorry about this!

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