[3.9] Pure Phys Skeletons & Friends Necromancer — Beginner/SSF/Budget Build

Hi, sharing my build , everything done on it, I just being mix and max the build, the key of the crazy dps is rottenclaw- vicious bite; conquerors dies in 1-3 seconds , I just miss the fights cause bosses die so fast even S8.
Any questions let me know !
https://pastebin.com/EVL4ZmNk (Level 100 tree)

This is my take on the build this league, I played it in metamorph and did everything possible now wanted to try it again in standard with some better items than I had in the league, this is what I came up with.

And obviously I'm missing impale cluster jewels since I'm in standard and they were expensive.

According to the PoB, each skeleton does around 180k DPS and since I'm not using the +1 skeletons craft at all, I got 10 skeletons which makes 1.8M DPS in total.

Even though that damage is not crazy high, it can do every content in the game. (tbh never tried the new buffed Sirus fight with this build, in metamorph it was crazy easy.)

And the best thing I like with the build is its tankiness. Overcapped resists, positive chaos resistance, 6.9k life, 3.5k energy shield really helps surviving in maps, of course it is not a 90% phys reduction or herald stacker or full block gladiator level build, but still does the job pretty well.
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will this build be viable in 3.11?
i had so much fun in 3.9 with this build :(
it is.
I am Level 89 right now and doing T8 and T9 maps and have 12 watchstones so far. I am also still only using a 5 link and pretty much still just my leveling gear. So it is working pretty good again this league!
I have 3 Slave Drivers in a 4 Link and they do a really nice amount of damage! Gems just rolled over so bringing them back up and will be looking to upgrade gear soon...
Running Flesh and Stone for the Blind (50% evasion) (last league i ran Aspect of Spider for Hinder and dps boost)
I can only do this because i anointed Aligned Spirits on my amulet that reduced my mana cost enough to run with 75% reserved.
Also again running a bunch of To Dust jewels. Easy DPS!

Has anyone tries this build with SRS instead of Skeletons? I wanna switch it up?

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