Uniting Wraeclast - Duo Builds

Warein wrote:
This looks Awesome. Do you expect a lot of changes in the build into the Incursion league?

Depending on the patch notes and skill changes we will definitely be re-planning some of the builds we haven't run yet. Specifically Fire and Ice and the Bow Trappers are definitely going to change from the current plan.

The ones that we did in 3.2 will remain basically the same unless there are a bunch of unexpected changes. Nothing I've seen so far will affect them a lot.
IGN: Dmillz
Awesome! I hope it's not abandoned? Is there a newer thread around?
Not abandoned, just put on hold for Incursion since my duo partner has been insanely busy IRL so we haven't had time to make guides. We do intend on doing more in the future.
IGN: Dmillz
Do you plan to revisit this, or know of anywhere there is inspiration for duo builds? I play a bit casually with a buddy, so would be nice to have some inspiration for different kind of possibilities.

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