Clunky weaponswapping

ok. I get that you shouldn't be able to weaponswap while attacking, casting, stunned frozen and similar things. Balancing is in there I guess.
But can I have a little bit of reliance?
For example make it so it swaps right after that (as long as the key is pressed, only 1 swap action PERFORMED (fully performed that is) per keystroke)? Or make an option in the menu for it?
Because right now it only ATTEMPTS a weaponswap on pressing the weaponswap key, not while it is held down. If in that moment you cannot already weaponswap, you have to notice the swap didn't perform (.3 seconds reaction time), release the key and press it again.

Example of that being needed:
I have 2 Whispering Ices.
1 for single target, 1 for getting arcane surge and area clear.
I use the latter till I get arcane surge, then swap to the other to lay down dmg. If the swap doesn't go through, I loose 1 s easily of the arcane surge...

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If keeping arcane surge from the gems in weapon swap is not intended, then remove it entirely. Otherwise fixing that MIGHT be VERY nice.
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Would this be considered snapshotting?

Also, are you sure this is whats happening? Does GGG really prevent weapon swap in certain conditions? Could this be a "bounce" issue?
Completed 2 Challengesharddaysnight wrote:
Would this be considered snapshotting?

Also, are you sure this is whats happening? Does GGG really prevent weapon swap in certain conditions? Could this be a "bounce" issue?

Well... when it is ok to go through, it should HAPPEN. Without me pressing the button AGAIN.
And it isn't really snapshotting. Jaws of agony weaponswap are similar and are VERY common.
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And I mean it works half of the time.
There is just no indicator for when I am good to swap.
If it only works half the time, it makes me think it might be a debounce. In other words, you are actually pressing the key twice very quickly and not noticing it.

The term debounce comes from the fact that mechanical switches literally bounce when you press them. It happens very quickly. You don't notice it, but it happens. So multiple switch contacts in a short time are ignored using either hardware or software.

The term has also been used for when you quickly bounce the key yourself, but it's not a true mechanical bounce.

I'm totally speculated that it's related to this, but it's something that comes to mind.
as long as I do not cast BEFORE (the spell is on the right mouse, so no errors there), the swap goes through 100% of the time.
And a double swap sounds rather weird. I would just listen for the sound, but I cannot turn it up without turning up the general sound effects, so sound only while in Hideout.
I can try to make a short vid.

But here are steps to easily reproduce:
Take a rather slow spell, cast for a few seconds, release, then press the swap key, like if you were in combat.
you WILL notice the swap not occurring sometimes.
Of course the weaponswap needs to be filled.
Well like I said I'm just speculating and trying to think of things it might be. Maybe someone who actually knows about this will come along. There is probably at least someone who can confirm if GGG prevents weapon swaps under certain conditions.

As for double weapon swaps, I've done that many many times. Yes you can hear it, but I don't know if you can always hear it, especially in combat when there are a lot of other sounds.

Even if the conditions are met, you say it only happens sometimes. So I assume there is some other condition causing it.
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I heavily utilised weapon swap on m main in aby league too, and i Think in most cases its simply that the spell hasn't finished casting when you press the weapon swap(releasing the hotkey isn't enough, you need to wait till the spell is over). I guess sometimes a small lagg might can cause you to miss the timing.
The only workaround i found so far was to wait a moment after releasing the spell before attempting to weapon swap, which is pretty clunky.

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