Hotfix to 3.1.2

I cant even log into the game now
I'm getting tons of crashes now after this hotfix, I cant even enter a map without game crashing. This has never happened to me before. Very frustrating mostly when you know your about to lose all your map portals from crashes. Please undo what you did...
Thanks for the hotfix <3
GGG's awesome. Thank you.

R.I.P. Path of Exile it was fun way back when I was able to play pre-patch 3.1.1, alas I shall never know the joy again.
Let's kill things and take their stuff!
ive been downloading this god awful update for roughly 15 hours now. i resent investing so much of my paychecks to a game that keeps me up all night trying to finish a 1.45 gig update........ what a joke. allocates space for 3 hours lol
might i add that this is the way i get to celebrate my birthday
I'm glad whatever client side update was done made me redownload 8gb of the game though. :>
i redownloaded the 8 gigs and got an error once it was complete. mind blown
Divination distillate now does not show the time remaining and the behavior has changed with this update. Before when i was missing some life i could use the flask and it would be active for the 5 seconds. Now it doesn't work like this anymore.

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