3.1.2 Patch Notes

Qarl wrote:
3.1.2 Patch Notes
New Features:
  • There's now a UI option called "Advanced Mod Descriptions" which shows additional information about items when you press Alt. It breaks down the mods of the item into separate prefixes and suffixes, shows their possible ranges and what tiers they are. Please note that the tiers shown include all possible base types. For example, if Tier 5 of a mod is the highest that can appear on a ring, then it'll be listed as Tier 5 rather than Tier 1 on that ring. We are looking to improve this aspect in the future.

Will any of those future improvements be having this data incorporated into the control+c clipboard data dump?

I ask because I've been fiddling around with some inventory management software for a bit now, and one of the biggest "wishlist" items I've had for it is having it be able to accurately determine how many affixes an item has and whether or not the item can support master crafting.
The Oni part of the patch notes cracked me up.
Hercanic wrote:
1.7 Gigabyte patch. When it is mostly bug fixes, why is it so damn big?

because it's not?

Have visions of the drowned prepatched.
Its now not triggering.

I need to seal it and destroy if Im 76 lvl?
THX 4 fixes!
The tab with the maps now really became comfortable - colours & search work really good!
The new advanced mod info will be really cool once you decide which way tiers are going to work. Right it seems to work exactly opposite what you described in the patch notes. Higher tiers are lower quality.
Path of Repetitious Patch Notes. ;)

Big thanks for the mod description enhancement, great job.
Qarl wrote:
3.1.2 Patch Notes
New Features:
  • Overhauled the visual effects and audio of Lightning Strike in order to improve performance.

Not that i had any performance problems with it before, now i cant play with it. It gives me headache.
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Qarl wrote:
3.1.2 Patch Notes
Highlighting has been improved when searching in the Map Stash Tab.
Still not possible to search for Zana maps.. have to keep them in another tab.. big meh!
Just give us some "random map stuff" tab in the map tab, then you won't need to find solutions for all the map related stuff (e.g. fragments, vessel, offerings, ...)!


A really cool feature would be a color change, whatever for maps I have completed on the atlas or don't and an upgrade button like in the essence tab would help speed up my mapping at least.
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EDIT: nvm, it has been noted.

It seems like tiers aren't specific to gear. Going by poe affix the best you can get on a ring is "virile" and this is not considered T1 on rings using the new feature. Is that intended?

The alt text says it's T6. By game standards, it is T6 because a chest can roll "prime" on ilvl 86. I don't think a ring can though, so should it not read T1 on a ring?

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