[3.4] Flicker Strike Slayer 100% Hardcore Viable / Extreme Fast Map clearer

3.7 Info i will wait till the league starts and 1 week in the league probaly rewrite the guide idk how meele splash feels or even crit with some different weapons but i wont make a guide with Oros, Terminus there are plenty of them only if i can make a tanky solid Hardcore viable build then i will update it!

Hi and Welcome to my Guide how to Flicker in Hardcore League .
Normally most of the Flicker Strike Guides/Builds are Softcore or Hardcore but extreme Squishy with Dodge/Evasion and that's a NO GO! for me in Hardcore

This Guide is not Done i will edit it all the time if i see something to change or u guys have better idea. I will post Videos/Pictures here soon.
that's my First Guide ever so be gentle hue hue :)

Poorjoy's with and wihtout Blood Rage on 3.1 HC Abyss

T15 Carcass Map Clear No boss 3.1 HC Abyss

Uberlab Nearly Full Key Izrao Run 3.1 HC Abyss

T13 Map with Incursion missing 2 Big Damage Notes 3.3 HC Incursion

3.4 Flicker works good with Insane Leech in the Darkness
Removed Green Dream from build because of Mana Struggle till high mana leech/high damage

- High map Clearspeed
- Can farm Breachlords
- Pretty Cheap
- Tanky
- Can run Uberlab
- Can run Phys/Ele reflect if u have the Lab Acsendency
- Hardcore Build (Playing my Self HC)

- If u somehow end with no Frenzy Charges in mobs you Can die but normally never happens
- Not really a Teamplay skill^^
- No Shaper/elder (possible sure but not worth)
- Hard time at Some Bosses(can take a bit)
- Not a 1Mill+Dps build ;/


We are Generating our Frenzy Charges with Blasphemy+Poachers Mark and Blood Rage

Spoilers are my Equip

U want to Have Kitava's Feast for Leech and lvl 25 Melee splash is a free 7 link but its not a must u Still can take a good Axe/Sword/Mace but u loose 2 ascendancy points, Damage and Safety because everything explodes so u are Detonate Dead safe!
Kondos pride is a good budget sword gives damage and some leech so why not :P

Best Uniq's for this build are Kaoms and a Belly of the Beast, Kaoms would push your Hp a lot but u loose a lot of Sockets and u need to think about every gem twice what u drop or what gem to take.
A good cheap Rare is normally good enough with high life and some res.


U want High life and Res on it if u have enough money u could buy one with a Helm enchant for this Build

We are Currently in Abyss so u want a High Life High res Stygian Vise maybe with some Ele Damage but thats Luxus so High Life and High res a good enough. Will Explain the Jewels later on.
3.2 The Retch is easy to get now and extremle cheap just buy a Faminebind and a Feastbind+1fuse and get a Retch for like 3-5c its Extremle good Damage and Flask Durations :)

A good Rare with High Life and High Res would be extremely good u could use a Tombfist uniq but it's really hard to cap Res for Ele weak then.

Nothing much to say here Kaom's Roots are Great gives u life and u can open Strongboxes with no worry. U can take some Rare boots with high life and res if u cant cap your res with all of your items or The Blood Dance if u wanna genearte Frenzys in other style but i would prefer Kaoms / high life boots!
Kaoms is for me best in Slot
3.2 they Removed the Stunn Immunity while leeching so Kaom's Roots are best in slot again

Carnage Heart gives u a better Leechrate some Attributes and a Damage boost.
U could take a Rare Amulet with high res high life too or if u want a Biscos for the Bisco's lover here. I prefer Carnage Heart for overall better Survivability

Res and Life maybe with some Dex/Int if your Caranage Heart/Amulet has not the best attribute stats. And yes Flat Phys is damage but that's luxus to so no need at all.

U want one Instant Divine Life flask, you use the life flask nearly never but we still play Hardcore so it can safe your ass!
Atziri's Promise gives u a Damage boost and leech and its really cheap so why not.
Lion's Roar Armour + Extreme Damage boost so yea u want it later on.
Taste of Hate no need at all but Gives u bit more Phys Defence and Damage so good for Hardcore.
And u want a Quicksilver with Remove Curse on it to run Curse Maps.
If u dont have Money for the Uniq Flask just take a normal Granite with a Basalt, i played with that a lot too till I had the money so Dont worry guys!

Jewels/Abyss Jewel
For the Normal Jewel u want Increased Life on it and Some Damage mod like:
Inc. Melee
Inc. Phys /Two hand Phys/ Axe Phys if u play Axe
If u have some Res Problems take Res on it to.
For Abyss Jewels u want Life on it and Gain Unholy Might u need only 1 jewel with Unholy might thats enough. Unholy Might is a good Damage boost to have it gives u 30% of your phys damage as Extra Chaos damage.

My full Gear in one Spoiler

Gem and Links

Yes u can take Different Links Skills and more but that's how i use it atm.
You can take whatever Gems u want and how u want to link it only important thing is the Main skill
u can link Frenzy with 2 or 3 Damage Gems if u want to or do something else but this is just a guidline what u can take (Edit 3.2)
Main Skill
Flicker Strike + Multistrike + Meele Physical + Ruthless + Fortify + Melee Damage on Full life

cwdt lvl 1btw.
Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Inc Duration+Vaal Grace Vaal Grace for OP Dodge(Selfcast but link it with Inc Duration)
Frenzy + Faster Attacks + Leap Slam Use Frenzy to kill Bosses(to generate frenzys for bosses)

Hatred / Blaspehmy + Poacher's Mark or Arctic Armour + Herald of Ash

Blood Rage We need Blood Rage for Frenzy's overall

Ascendancy (Lab)

We take Slayer so we get Good Leech and Melee Splash if u don't use Kitavas Feast

U take First with Kitavas Feast:
Endlees Hunger (Normal)
Brutal Fervour (Cruel)
Headsman (Merci)
Bane of Legends (Uber)

With Other Weapons:
Endlees Hunger (Normal)
Brutal Fervour (Cruel)
Impact (Merci)
Headsman (Uber)

Pantheon and Bandits

Main Soul
Soul of Lunaris bec Phys reduction = Good

Minor Soul
Soul of Gruthkul Sounds good with more Phys Redcution

Soul of Ralakesh if u do Labs/Trails

for Bandits

Kill all = 2 Points would prefer that but Oak is good to so your choice ( u can get probaly more phys reducation with 2 points)

How to Level

Like every other Melee guide
Ground Slam / Cleave / Moltenstrike ...
Level somehow till lvl 11 and then take Sunder.

Leveling Uniqs Like Goldrim and Wanderlust are pretty nice.
For Leveling Weapons:
Level 13 Limbsplit
Level 27 Geofri's Baptism
Level 33 Reaper's Pursuit
Level 45 The Blood Reaper
Level 58 Kaom's Primacy

at level 68 we can use Kitavas Feast our Main weapon if u have it or earlier your other weapon if its lower level req.
With Level 68 we can start Flicker bec we can wear now Kaom's roots u can try it earlier but its pretty fast till 68 so.

Leveling Tree

19 Points

33 Points

55 Points

Level 70

Level 81

Level 93(My Tree In Abyss Hardcore ATM)

This Build is not done i will edit and make it better time after time i have many typos i know... i will edit it as fast as i can. Thats my first guide ever btw.
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Good build! Thanks for sharing
Honestly dont think this would be fast at all. unless you turn the frenzy charge generation to near 100% chance per kill/hit, this is a Frenzy build, not a flicker strike build. A video would be nice, but build seems too reliant on frenzy to give us charges and 40% from poachers seems too little to me.

No offense to shit on your build or anything, but as I play flicker myself, i passionately hate when i lose out on frenzy charges and have to wait for the cooldown/uses a frenzy charge generating attack, use flicker again, use charge gen, flicker... , gen, ... its just too much of a hassle. I'd rather have Jesus take the wheels off of one button.

Edit/Update: vid looks good. frenzy gen checks out. might reroll a char to try this out if it clears higher tiers!
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yea i forgot to link Blood Rage and with Multistrike u use only 1 Frenzy per 2 attacks and i never run out of frenzys whille doing maps i m at 65% frenzy on kill and everything dies normaly at 1-2 hits i will post a video soon

Edit: U guys can see now i can run Flicker without Blood Rage but u run Blood Rage anyway so dont be scared guys u never run out of frenzys only on high life bosses on high tier and thats no problem to because u just attack 4x with frenzy and he is probaly dead after that u leech over maximum life so easy peazy
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How good is this build for running labs?
auridas330 wrote:
How good is this build for running labs?

It works Well u are Pretty much Immune to the Traps if u leeched abit.
You can facetank Izaro.
Uploading a full Uberlab run but thanks for the question :)

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Honestly im glad to see something completely different i'm going to reroll this after i farm up high tier items here in softcore :) but love the take, and idea on build. one of my fav builds for flicker so far, hats off to you my friend! -bookmarked for love-
Is this build shaper/atziri viable, or does the lack of frenzy charge gen without killing mobs make these bosses nearly impossible?
Greenfish106 wrote:
Is this build shaper/atziri viable, or does the lack of frenzy charge gen without killing mobs make these bosses nearly impossible?

For any bossfight for flicker can help vall breach gem, only Raider able do flick on bosses just because of %chance to gain frenzy on attack, not on kill like every other classes.

Edit:Oh forgot about this, you able do bosses with Est but is crit based so its bad for your tree nodes and survivability.
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Greenfish106 wrote:
Is this build shaper/atziri viable, or does the lack of frenzy charge gen without killing mobs make these bosses nearly impossible?

this build could do atziri but its not really recommend in Hardcore and i dont think its that good.
U will probaly one shot your self on the Reflect (Mirror) phase

RealxEvil wrote:
Honestly im glad to see something completely different i'm going to reroll this after i farm up high tier items here in softcore :) but love the take, and idea on build. one of my fav builds for flicker so far, hats off to you my friend! -bookmarked for love-

Thanks that u like my Guide/Build :D u can do the T15 bosses to i did them on Hardcore but its not that fast but its possible :) but clearing the t15 maps are like clearing a t1 map :)
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