Season One, Race Event 22: Three Hour Party

karasu271 wrote:
And got killed on my third character, still not sure if it was desync or lag on my part, shit happens but man it's really discouraging, I can't seem to get the hang of this racing thing, I struggled for 15-20 minutes against merveil playing as a marauder, anyone got some useful tips to make that battle less painful for an amateur like me?

Try joining a party :D Helps alot ! (and as said above, sapphire rings are a must)
If you cant find/buy a sapphire ring, create a witch for example, kill hillock, buy an iron ring and sell iron ring + blue gem for a sapphire ring. It takes 3min and you'll get a ring you can put in your stash for your main char !

Well, I'm quitting for today's race, don't want to die in the last minutes.

I'm happy with my lvl24 !

Edit : well, it depends on the sapphire rings. If you have 2 +10 cold resist, it's not gonna be as good as 2 +30 cold resist. I had Diamond Skin, I had one +28 ring and I took one of the following cold passive resistances just in case. I tanked merveil like a Baus !
(oh, decoy totem, don't forget that skill, it helps)
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Started 30 mins late and still finished lvl26 and Top 200. Good race all! got 3 alchs in this one game lol
IGN: KingDanlol

Always looking for people to party with and make new friends!
Soloed. Died 5 minutes in while doing Hailrake. Came back got #4 ranger, I think #2 for those that soloed. I'd imagine it should have been #5, RIP victo :(

Spotty RNG. Got an LMP drop in Western, so was able to pick a diff support this time around, got pierce which would have been huge but my luck with bows was awful.

Had a rare bone bow with the only damage stat being crit multiplier, then a royal bow with only 1-10 lightning that was chanced when I had no transmutes and 3 alts sitting around. Ended up getting a Chaos at the end though to fix it, would have helped to get a better bow earlier.

Vaal kill came at 1:49:40 on the reroll, 1:55:00 or so during the actual race itself. Kinda decent, but not too great. I can do better.


of course, no MS boots again, oh well. Cya all next race.

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wow i died 1h at merveil with templar rerolled to ranger and hit lvl 21 just 2sec before the end and i am at #310 total. Very good race for me althought the death with templar sucked. I think i ll just stick to ranger or witch next race

here is my gear:

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2nd Place Ranger: 100% Solo

(Level 34 and 28%)

Cann't believe I got so high solo, I really messed up bad like a noob too. I had +1 Bow Gem level from like level 12 and didn't realise the till around lvl 26 that I accidently put my Fire Trap gem in the Bow instead of Poison Arrow... FAIL >_<

Don't think I could've caught the number 1 ranger anyway though, When I had to progress to Act 3, I fell far behind.

Still, fun race nonetheless! :)
ZZZZZZZZZ Team needs a Templar/Duellist/Ranger for the next race in a few hours. Please have experience in top 20. Message me on the forums.
See you, Space Cowboy...
I wanted to do this race easy, solo and get 3 sure points... BUT i found godly gear for a race so i started to take it more seriously, eventhough i stayed in western forest and didn't advance (i was/am rather tired so i didn't want to push my luck even further). Got lvl 28 (30% toward 29) which is probably about the best you can achieve by not advancing toward act 3 :)

My gear:

(the other items on my char are white, but these drops where awesome :D)

EDIT: yes i know i should have pushed it with such drops but as i said i'm tired and i think i would have died thanks to that, so i went the safer route (and still 13th duelist :D)
Proud 5th duelist in the Jul 1 2012 Ladder Race and in the Nov 3 2012 Solo Turbo Race :D
And even prouder 4th Templar in the Nov 10 Four-hour Party Hardcore Race :P
Current OB success:
top 20 Ranger in 105 Minute Turbo Solo (S4E9)
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Died pushing it too hard in rerolled and cruised slower but that orb and all the currency drops in general makes up for it imo, I think I had more legit currency drop in the past three hours than I've had in the past month however Mor lemme hol' dat I know ur not going to play in default :P

Looking to get back into the game with an active friendly guild, league doesn't matter. Preferably one that enjoys the current 2week race format. Cheers!
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I died at level 25 solo as a witch, with 3 minutes remaining. Although it hurts to live, this happened.

See you in another race.
Had party members die in bridge and pyramid, one had to leave early and another had to bail for unexpected rl stuff. There were a few tp/quest fiascos as well. The 2 of us that remained had mad dps though and grinded docks efficiently enough to make 9th/12th overall. Decent end to an otherwise terrible race.


- Add a toggle for the loot timer and a toggle for attack in place. Ive mentioned why plenty of times before, cant imagine youve missed reading all of them.

- Stop making maps with tons of 1-monster wide chokepoints, those areas are one of the main causes of desync. You can always put them back when the god awful netcode is fixed.

- Desync at docks is absolutely terrible due to those melee wraiths; ive bumped my melee wraith bug report in case it hasnt been noticed.

- Reduce vendor white item rng. Optimally, set them to have at least one of every basic item they can carry at their current level. Losing races because the vendor chose not to stock flasks or some other basic necessity for several straight levels is ridiculous.

- Change the party flask charge system so charges gained are shared. Too often someone gets unlucky with last hits for a couple packs, gets no kills and is out of flasks even though theyve contributed their share of dps. This would also help players who prefer support role characters with little killing power.

Level 34, 3rd place shadow and 11th overall in the end.

GG all, see you next race!
IGN: KoTao

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