War for the Atlas Patch Notes

whem im i always late
Runslingan! The Power Of ~^S.W.E.D.E.N^~
u wot
So many nerfs -.- RIP Bisco's
The War for the Atlas expansion is only a few days away and the full patch notes are ready to reveal! That means it's time to start crying like bitches!. Check out the full patch notes here.

Fixed it for you :D The tears are going to be great. I always love this time of year.
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Fixed a bug where French rare names were not always using the correct gender for the epithet. <- major QoL improvement
Oh yes!
IGN: Chocobar/Jerlestarter (Betrayal)
i cleaned my room
i visited my grandfather
more changes .. let's see how they turn out
Bex, you are the light that brightens my days.
Wooooooo Finally!

Great job GGG

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