Developer Interview - Natanel - Visual Effects Artist

Nice read.

Feedback however: Please tone down effects such that I can play in parties again.

Or give us a particle / VFX slider.

Or both.

Sometimes, less is more.
Un-gate content.
So how is it working on a team that still has DOZENS of skills without a SINGLE alternate skill effect? And giving some skills like Scorching Ray (Arc, Bladefall, Ice Nova, etc.) a barely-different effect?

The effects team is one of the laziest at GGG.
No fun allowed.™
Now I know who to thank for the 30 fps.
Cool. Still waiting Kinetic Blast alt effect :)
Completed 2 ChallengesSupalis wrote:
Now I know who to thank for the 30 fps.


Why would GGG advertise people that make overcomplicated visual effects that hog the aging engine is puzzling.

Im getting flashbacks of Chris Haga shouting AWESOME looking like a fool...
Nice :)
Completed 5 Challengeswidardd wrote:
Tell us why fiery effects wreck AMD GPUs.
Well if you know what to do it doesnt :) Just read a bit of Reddit they solved this problem atleast for me. I just had to remove content of 2 folders and now i dont have fps drops in my HO also it fixed that huge frame drops during maping when you meet Harbringer.
Please increase they pay of who ever designed the act nine sand tornado boss fight. Best in the game. Also please give use a skill that uses the same effects <3
These are always cool to read. Cheers to GGG and the team members that put in the effort to make these possible.
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