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Again, I logged in this morning and I'm getting the same problem with my Marauder. I'd really prefer to not have to start all over again, if someone knows a fix for this issue.

Edit: I tried to make a new character on the Legacy League and it works fine; however, my Marauder still is having the issue of logging into an empty town and then just disconnecting after about 45 seconds.
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From Israel it seems to be connected to the ISP

Netvision - seems to be o.k with European gateway sync issues with the american gateway

BezeqINT - almost all the time sync issues with the European gateway but seems to be playable on the american gateway

i hope this helps.


P.S great game.
I cant remember to have disconnects at all, but sometimes I also notice that huge delays when acting with my stash, ID'ing and so on. (also sometimes when interacting with a vendor, take an item from the inv, but lasts a second or even more to hang it on the cursor) Sometimes I have to grab it again at all.

Is there a way we could investigate this deeper to help?
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It's something that our server providers need to look into, and they've been doing so. Sadly, all we can do is wait!
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I live in the UK and I got the same problem frequently. This is happening in my case while using a town portal, or for my first connection. It's half of the time empty but I can see human players ( they are not moving though).
Sometimes I can see NPCs and the stash but cannot interact with them. If I wait, I get disconnected after 10-20 seconds. After 2/3 tries It works, I'm in town but I always loose my town portal.
That's happening with all my characters in HC. I will make a SC one to try.

The major problem is that it's restictive regarding my playing sessions as I'm always affraid to loose my progression and wait to have a waypoint before getting back to town.
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