BSOD in prison.

While playing as a Ranger in the prison (1st act) I got a sudden BSOD while shooting skeletons. I can't give any more info about when it happened.

My general PC specs are i5 2500K, 8GB DDR3, 560Ti, Win 7 64bit. Nothing overclocked.

If there is a crash file somewhere let me know.
It could be your graphics card was overheating, as we don't have a framerate limit built in yet. Try turning Vsync on - That should prevent future overheats.
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I'm running Vsync, all graphics settings on full at 1080p but I turned off post-processing because it was causing issues.

I really doubt that it was a heat issue. Afterburner will up the fan speed with temps and this game is not pushing the card like some of my other games do. Never had a BSOD on this hardware set up before.

Currently running the game at 60fps, with 43 degree C on GPU core, about 50% load and about 50% fan speed.

I have a windows generated dump file from the BSOD, let me know if that would be helpful.
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The game itself can't cause a BSOD, but it can create crashes if it activates something in the graphics card that is broken - Try updating your graphics card drivers, or reverting to a previous version if they are up to date - I believe Nvidea just released a new graphics driver today. If you have a Creative sound card, they've also been known to cause crashes with Path of Exile.

If you're still getting errors after this, please let me know!
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I'm running a beta version of the nvidia drivers and I also have a creative sound card, I got through the prison 2nd time around. No issues since.

Didn't change any settings, drivers etc. Temps are still fine after about 2 hours of play so it's not that. Will try some of what you said if it occurs again, Thx.
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It'll probably be the creative sound card then, I'd backup your content.ggpk file just in case it happens again! Sudden crashes while the game is running can cause corruption.
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This happens for me too.. Only when zoning in. The most common BSOD is the when you first zone into the church.

I thought it might be my video card (Quadro Plex 7000) but Nvidia just sent me a new one and it still happens. I also just updated the drivers so its not that.

I don't mind game crashes but BSODs are brutal =(. At least it only happens when you zone in.
What sound card do you have, Deoxys? If it is a creative card, you can try switching the PC's default sound device in the Sound options, and see if this prevents the BSOD?
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I have the same issue when zoning and I have a Creative X-Fi. Even with softwareaudio switched on I get BSODs but it takes much longer til it happens

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