BSOD in prison.

It could be your graphics card was overheating, as we don't have a framerate limit built in yet. Try turning Vsync on - That should prevent future overheats.
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The game itself can't cause a BSOD, but it can create crashes if it activates something in the graphics card that is broken - Try updating your graphics card drivers, or reverting to a previous version if they are up to date - I believe Nvidea just released a new graphics driver today. If you have a Creative sound card, they've also been known to cause crashes with Path of Exile.

If you're still getting errors after this, please let me know!
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It'll probably be the creative sound card then, I'd backup your content.ggpk file just in case it happens again! Sudden crashes while the game is running can cause corruption.
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What sound card do you have, Deoxys? If it is a creative card, you can try switching the PC's default sound device in the Sound options, and see if this prevents the BSOD?
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