Last week we posted some information about Content Update 3.0.2. In today's news, we can confirm the inclusion of a long-awaited feature: Spectre and Aura Persistence!

In 3.0.2, your currently-active Spectres and Auras are stored when you are disconnected or log out. This quality-of-life change not only means that summoners can turn their computers off at night, but it also helps regular characters who use Auras as part of their build.

We expect to deploy Content Update 3.0.2 next week.
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Grinding Gear Games
Holy shit it happened
The Rusty Shack!
The absolute madman
Still waiting for spectres to be always the level of the zone you are.
gg ggg
ign: LadyRemuu
Lightning Crit Cycloner Guide: view-thread/1814828
oh my fricking god im so happy. thank you!
What about through PVP death? summoning 8 auras is impossible.
damn, thats sick.
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