[3.5] Lioneye's Glare Ele Conversion Raider (all content, videos up)

Couple questions: One is why choose Point Blank and have a bow with Far shot? Point blank runs better up close but does it conflict with Far Shot's bonus?

How are Gems setup(guide seems to have a bit of spaghetti) and how far should Immortal Call be leveled in this build(currently having a dilemma with having to sac a bunch of potential dps just to keep strength up for the teens IC?)

And what is ideal amount of life(4.5k?) because I'm struggling at 3.6k atm and could use some advice on that.

About PB and FS check out this thread on reddit

The most simple way is CWDT(lvl 1) - IC (lvl 3), or just use any level you feel good.

In POE the more life the better, I reccomend to have at least 60+ life on every rare gear, and 40+ (or 45+ if you are rich) life on every jewel.
Thanks for that. Didn't see that thread before. Gonna switch out neck hopefully soon to gain some more life and just start a different IC since I hit 18 on current. Been about a good year or so since I've played and was trying to remember things like that.
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This build is awesome really easy and fun to play, my doubt is ( i know im so noob xD) there are more linked gems that items i have. Do you swap to secondary equip for example to use vaal haste vaal grace or something like that?.
Thank you very much :D
can ant body help? im confused with gem link WHERE I PLACE THEM its THE MOST cunfusing part of the build
im my boots i have enlighten haste incr dur hatred in y helm i have cast when dmg taken immortl call incr duration grace im my gloves i have projectile weakness curse on hit herald of ice
Thank you for this build!

I've been clicking through the last 10+ pages of this threat and couldnt find answers to my questions.

1) The PoB pastebin is not up2date right?
2) Is the linked Skill Tree in your intial post up2date?
3) Which gem setups for TS and Barrage are correct / BiS with 20/20 gems? The listed written setups, your PoB and your profile characters have different gem setups. I dont wanna level the wrong gems. Also do you put TS or Barrage in Shroud of the Lightless?
4) Which non-active gems do you recommend in your BiS assuming you have 2S Tomb Fist, 2S Bubonic Trail, 2S Lightpoacher, Shroud of the Lightless? There will be only 7 sockets left in total for either of those:

You listed those but obviously cant pick all.
Blink Arrow (+ Faster Attacks)

5) Isnt Phase Acrobatics always worth it? You mentioned earlier that you specced into it for elder/guardians.
6) Is PB worth it by default? I guess its very good for boss killing but (much) worse for clearspeed on maps?

Some answers to my questions might be obvious to you. I apologize for being rather a noob and thank you in advance for any helpful response.

It's not really worth to inspect my profile yet, i am still in the process of buying all the pieces i am missing and i need to sell some other stuff from previous characters to have the needed currency.
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You suggest to help Alira, but in the PoB it says 2 passives
Heya, I've bought Shroud of the Lightless and I got the 4 Green and 1 Red sockets Linked but i don't know which Gem should i get rid off because it has one abyss, I am using Tornado Shot right now. I am quit new so sorry if this question is plainly stupid.
Hi to evryone. I just want to post my itemset here and ask for any advice. I seem to be duying a lot and I could truly use some help. Any suggestions will be highly helpfull.
Thanks for the build and for your time.

7mill dps

Mino 10 million hp

Takes forever to kill


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