Hardened Leather vs. Razor Chainmail - names are swapped

I think Hardened Leather and Razor Chainmail have their names swapped.

Hardened Leather provides Armour and Energy Shield, and looks the same as Hardened Chainmail... but it's named like it's Ranger armour.

Razor Chainmail is the opposite - it provides Evasion only, and looks the same as Leather Jerkin, but it's named like a Templar armour.

Sorry, I don't have screenshots handy, but you can see this even in the Armour section of item tables here on the website.

Last edited by Cristo9FP on Feb 20, 2012, 1:38:01 AM
I'd changed the Razor Chainmail, but I guess this explains where the names came from! I'll switch them to having the correct names, though old items won't be affected.

Edit: Fixed in 0.9.7
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