Trade-Posts ingame : How they could look like (with Screenshots)

The idea is to have an extra tab in the social-window, where players can propose their trade. Similar to the trade-channel, but with less spam.

Some players are already starting to create fake parties, and only using the party name for trade-propositions. If this prevail, we're going to get disorganized LFG-List, half filled with trade-fake-parties (like in Diablo 2).

That made me think, maybe the developers could implement an extra social-tab for trade-posts, so that those "parties" does not mess with the Public-Party list.


This Trade-Post tab can be used as a third way to trade items beside trade-channel and trade-forum:


If you open the tab, the proposing player would be shown, so you can message him. (optional including some text and items)



What's the difference to an auctionhouse, many player don't want:

- Trading is still personal, not automated. The social aspect is not lost.

- Offers are not sorted by price. You also cannot see all trade-posts at the same time. The barter aspect of different offers remains.

What's the advantage of having that extra tab for trade-posts:

- Player don't need to create fake-parties for trade-propositions. The "public-party" list stays cleaner.

- A second way to find ingame trades besides spamming the trade-channel.

- Players can leave a trade-post and then continue to play normally.


Photoshopped some images to visualize. Opinions are welcome.

Additional infos, how i would imagine it. The extra-tab would only show a few trading-posts, similar to the list for public parties. You need to be online and can have only one trade-post. More convenient than now, but not too easy.

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I like it, a much better way to find and sell stuff.
IGN: Kulde
Very nice.
To the top with this awesome idea!
IGN Wraeclastt
That would be awesome indeed. +1
IGN: Flambeer
I like this, allows you to join a group and have an offer remaining in that window while playing, instead of sitting next to stash all day.
great idea, (applause)
love ti!!! trading now is a joke,..
IGN: TheAnonymous

PM me here on Ingame if I win an auction.
Great idea! When they do this they should add a search function that you can search on what you need :)
IGN: Lnvoker

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