[3.0] Burning Fire Trap - Set It and Forget It - Tinkerskin - 10c Starting Budget - SC/HC


+We can scale DoT with Tricker's new Swift Killer changes: 5% DoT per frenzy and power charge
+We use the huge burning damage changes like the Holy Fire node, Searing Touch and Pyre to scale the burning ground damage
+Orb of Storms to proc Elemental Overload and cast Flammability
+We use Hair Trigger jewels for efficient 2 nodes of dmg and trigger radius
+Flame Surge trap for single target. Flame Surge gets a 50% MORE multiplier against burning enemies which is applied with Fire Trap's burning ground

+We can use our es and decent mana pool, from Weave the Arcane [25% increased Maximum Mana when you use a Skill] and Inspiration, for MoM+EB since we can gain more es than the es spent
+Lots of life nodes on tree
+Since casting traps is self-sufficient on es(gain more es than es spent) it can be used to proc Weave the Arcane [20% chance to Recover 10% of Maximum Mana when you use a Skill] to refill the unreserved mana creating an additional health buffer when combined with MoM.
+High life and mana regen with regen nodes, stone golem, and Patient Reaper's 70% increased recovery rate of life and mana after killing an enemy

+We can manage our high mana cost with Eldritch Battery
+With Tinkerskin's 50 es for each trap trigger and EB we can get back more es than the es spent if at least 2 traps proc(using cluster trap)
+Getting the traps to proc is easy with Hair Trigger jewels
+We can sustain frenzy and power charges using Swift Killer's 15% chance to gain frenzy/power charge on kill (Killing with a DoT from traps results in us getting the "on kill" effects), Blast Cascade's 15% chance to gain a power charge when your trap is triggered by an enemy,
and Tinkerskin's 15% chance to gain a frenzy charge when your trap is triggered by an enemy

+Any map mod(although I wouldn't recommend some)
+Trapping play style is relatively safe
+High base hp and effective hp with MoM
+Good defenses with Arctic Armor and
+Large aoe
+Uniques are not too expensive(1c for Tinkerskin, 1c-5c for searing touch, 1c for each Hair Trigger Jewel, 3c for pyre at time of writing for hc harbringer)

-Needs 4 off-colors on The Searing Touch but can work with 2 or 3
-Relies on flammability curse for optimal boss damage so partying with other people who curse may be a problem. Curse proof bosses are also a pain.
-No shield charge
-Trash mob clear speed is limited by movement speed/movement skills rather than damage. This can be solved with lightning warp if you have enough sockets on gear(6s Tinkerskin)
-Takes a while before you get going. Lvl 60 for Searing Touch and Lvl 68 for Tinkerskin
-Bosses take slightly longer to kill due to the increased boss hp

Starting Gear(~10c at time of purchase):

-Searing Touch is BiS
-Pyre's burning damage is nice and combined with the Chance to Ignite gem we don't have to worry about bodies for detonate dead
-Doedre's Damning helps us dual curse. Ideally we would have a +1 curse amulet

In the softcore tree with endgame gear we can easily hit 4.5k+ life at lvl 90
In the hardcore tree with endgame gear we can easily hit 5k to 6.5k life with 300+ hp regen(after killing) at lvl 90

Gear(Lvl 86):

Guidance Fire feels underwhelming for this build. Would not recommend. Hrimnor's Resolve is a small boost of damage.

Getting Searing Touch Colors
You can use this to calculate the most efficient way to craft
You can swap out gems links for the appropriate colors. Fire Trap - Cluster Trap is a must have though. So you would need at least 2G

If can't roll the colors. Just Vorici 3G or 2G and get the gems in this priority:
Fire Trap[G]
Cluster Trap[G]
Trap and Mine Damage[G]
Chance to Ignite[B]
Burning Damage[R]
Swift Affliction[G]
(Lvl 3)Empower[R] <- quite expensive
Less Duration[R]
(Lvl 2)Empower[R]
Elemental Focus[B]
Fire Penetration[R]

so if you got 3G 3B on a 6L you would look at the first 3 green gems and first 3 blue gems on the list. It should come out to:

Fire Trap[G]
Cluster Trap[G]
Trap and Mine Damage[G]
Chance to Ignite[B]
Elemental Focus[B]



On Searing Touch
Fire Trap(20Q if you can)[G] - Cluster Trap[G] - Trap and Mine Damage[G] - Chance to Ignite[B] - Burning Damage[R] - Swift Affliction[G]

On Chest/Body Armour
Flame Surge[B] - Trap[G] - Cluster Trap[G]- Concentrated Effect[B] - Fire Penetration[R] - Elemental Focus[B]

Searing Bond[R] - Burning Damage[R] - Elemental Focus[B] - Swift Affliction[G] - Efficacy[B] - Less Duration[R]/Increased Duration[R]

Blasphemy[B] - Temporal Chains[G] // Flame Dash[B] - Faster Casting[B] [2 Link and 2 Link]

Orb of Storms[B] - Increased Critical Strikes[B] - Curse On Hit[B] - Flammability[B](If we have Doedre's Damning)

Cast When Damage Taken[R] - Immortal Call[R] - Increased Duration[R] - Vaal Lightning Trap[B]

If you have an unlinked socket(like on a 6s 5l piece) add a Stone Golem[R]

Kill All. The bandit rewards don't benefit this build much.

Major Gods:
Soul of the Brine King

Minor Gods:
Soul of Ralakesh is good if you don't have a bleed flask.
Soul of Gruthkul or Soul of Abberath if you have a bleed flask.


Normal Lab:
Swift Killer

Cruel Lab:
Patient Reaper

Merciless Lab:
Weave the Arcane

Uber Lab:
Walk the Aether

Leveling Gear/Gearing Up[WIP]

Level 41:

Nycta with firetrap is amazing for leveling. +2 to fire trap adds alot of damage

Ngamahu Tiki

Extensive Leveling Guide

*Remember you can always level gems in your off-hand slot if you don't have the slots*
**If you have the funds check the Leveling Gear section**
Act 1
Enemy at the Gate:
-Pick up Fire Trap as a reward
-Purchase Frostbolt from Nessa (Drop Frostbolt and its related gems when you feel you don't need it anymore)
-Purchase Arcane Surge and link it to Frostbolt

Breaking Some Eggs
-Pick up an Orb of Storms as a reward

(Optional)Complete The Dweller of the Deep for an extra skill point

The Caged Brute:
-Pick up Flame Dash as a reward
-Purchase an Added Cold Damage gem and link it to Frostbolt
-Purchase a Trap Support
-If you can sustain the mana and have the links purchase an Added Lightning Damage gem and link it to Frostbolt
-Purchase Multiple Traps Support and link it to fire trap
-Purchase a Clarity if you feel you need it

(Optional)Complete The Marooned Mariner for an extra skill point

The Siren's Cadence:
-Pick up a Lightning Trap as a reward. You can use this with Multiple Traps Support instead of Fire Trap if you want.
-Purchase a Flame Surge.

Act 2
**I would recommend going left first to the wp in Western Forest if you are under lvl 15. Riverways has good mob density and can help**

Right Side:
(Optional)Complete The Great White Beast if you need/want a rare belt. Get the Leather Belt as a reward.

Intruders in Black:
-Pick up an Herald of Ice as a reward
-Purchase a Herald of Thunder from Yenna and use them

Kill Kraityn in the Crossroads

Left Side:

Kill Alira in the Western Forest

(Optional)Complete The Way Forward for an extra skill point

Sharp and Cruel:
-Pick up Trap and Mine Damage Support as a reward
-Purchase a Faster Casting Support gem
-Purchase a Concentrated Effect Support gem
-Purchase a Elemental Focus Support gem

Kill Oak in the Wetlands

Turn in Deal with the Bandits and get The Apex as a reward

Act 3
Lost in Love:
-Pick up Flammability as a reward
-Purchase Temporal Chains(these don't have to be used. just leveled)

(Optional)Complete Victario's Secrets for an extra skill point

Sever the Right Hand:
-None of these gems are needed. You can take Ice Trap if you want to play with it.

(Side Quest)Complete A Fixture of Fate and get Swift Affliction Support as a reward
If you have the funds purchase the below gems to level. If not you can always come back and purchase them later.
-Chance to Ignite
-Burning Damage
-Swift Affliction
-Increased Duration
-Fire Penetration

Act 4
Breaking the Seal:
-Pick up Summon Stone Golem as a reward

(Optional)Complete An Indomitable Spirit for an extra skill point

The Eternal Nightmare:
-None of these gem rewards are needed. You can take Increased Area of Effect if you want to use it while leveling.
-Purchase 2 Cluster Traps Supports and swap it with Multiple Trap Support
-Purchase Curse on Hit Support
-Purchase Cast when Damage Taken Support. I recommend keeping this at level 1 till you have more hp.

Act 5
(Optional)Complete In Service to Science for an extra skill point

(Optional)Complete Kitava's Torments for an extra skill point

Act 6 - 10
(Side Quest)Complete Fallen from Grace and purchase Immortal Call. Link Immortal Call to Cast when Damage Taken. I'd recommend keeping Immortal Call at lvl 3 till you have more hp to level Cast when Damage Taken.

Complete The Father of War for an extra skill point. Equip this minor god powers by clicking on it.

The rest of the quests are just skill points or item rewards
**Unless you are feeling strong I recommend skipping the optional god quests and coming back to them later when you have more levels**

At level 60 swap to Searing Touch + Pyre
At level 68 swap to Tinkerskin + 2x Hair Trigger jewels. Get Eldritch Battery and reserve all your mana.
Try to have all your links by now. The important ones are Blasphemy - Temporal Chains, Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call.

Act 11, Maps, and Beyond
A 4 Link Searing Touch should be able to carry you up to Tier 7 - 10 maps. I would recommend a 5L or 6L for anything beyond that.

Skill Tree



^Only spec into Eldritch Battery once you can equip Tinkerskin
In the empty jewel slots put in Hair Trigger jewels
Spec into the +30Dex or +30 Str nodes if you need them

*Use Hair Trigger jewels in the jewel slots

Why not Saboteur?
-Chain Reaction's "When your traps trigger your nearby traps also trigger" does not work well with "when your trap is triggered by an enemy" effects. We also don't need the cooldown recovery from Chain Reaction since Tinkerskin gives some.

Why not take Clever Construction?
-With the new changes to traps: "Traps and Mines are now invulnerable while they are arming and invulnerable while they are casting their skill. This means a trap thrown directly onto a monster who will detonate it cannot be destroyed before it detonates." its not a must have node anymore

Why not take High Explosives?
-Elemental Penetration now only applies to on-hit effects so our DoT burn does not benefit from it. Two nodes to use Hair Trigger jewels is also more more damage per node

People miss your hc fire trapper haste!
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So you go trickster over sab? Isn't chain reaction what makes trap builds even viable?
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Chain reaction trap detonation doesn't work with "Trap is triggered by enemy". To make traps trigger in a similar fashion this build uses 2 Hair Trigger jewels [(40-60)% increased trap trigger area of effect]. The other half of chain reaction(cooldown recovery for traps) is gotten from Tinkerskin's (20-30)% cooldown recovery speed for throwing traps and the Hasty Reconstruction node.
The level tree is listed at 28 but when I counted the points there were a lot more than 28, why is this?
Hello , Alira or any else need ?
Updated the skill tree based on number of points. My levels previous were wrong. Thank you for pointing that out.

Added a bandits section. You want to kill all for the two skill points.

Updated with current gear (lvl 82). Working on adding new sections
Wouldn't it be better to swap enfeeble for temp chains?
Less damage is great and all but being able to constantly kite enemies, keep them inside your traps aoe longer, and have the burning status expire slower seems like a way larger benefit.
You are absolutely right, it is better. I forgot to change that in the guide after my friend recommended it yesterday. Thanks for the feedback!
Is searing touch best option for weapon slot?

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