2.6.3 Hotfix (Restartless)

Same loop issue.......:(
Same here, keeps asking me to download the patch. I do and then it still says it. Verified the game files in steam, and it didn't help.
same steam patch error I even restarted my entire pc system will stand by for quick fix ty in advanced
Completed 13 ChallengesMaguelvogt wrote:
After this patch on steam, when i click to log in in menu its says to exit the game to download and patch it, then I exit and it downloads again and restart and keep on this loop. If possible i hope it fix soon :}

I experience the same loop, after i update the game via steam, i get a message in the log in screen, that a patch is available and i need to apply it. After i do so, i get the same message again and again,no matter how many times i update.
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Stuck in a loop of updates. A true nightmare
i am also having the same issue with the steam log in....download patch...log into game..says needs to download patch.....rinse and repeat
Patching is on a Loop da Loop. Please HALP!
yep --another patch nightmare--game getting too hard to play anymore--TY GGG
just a heads up guys theres a new update qued in steam close and restart its time woot

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