The Fall of Oriath: Boss Concept Art

"That ain't a mudcrab... This is a mudcrab."


1) When are u releasing next supporter pack?
2) Together with this make a skills mtx promotions as u did few weeks ago, :)
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Very nice art style! Really a sight to behold!
So can GGG confirm that the crab-woman is Moana from an alternate ending to the movie Moana? I haven't seen an explanation that makes more sense.
What's going to happen to existing characters when 3.0 is released? Passive skill tree reset or character reset to level 1 just keeping class and character name?
Great piece of work Brothers! Can't wait to face all of them :)
Seeing is believing
that last one. is the passive skill tree finally coming as a boss to minmax us? :D
I'm that Morty guy.
i'd really love an illustrated book with concept art and lore from the game, any plan to do that?
Will there be a map of Oriath?
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OH MAN! So pumped! I hope the million faces start throwing up blood as the totem spins around when he gets extra pissed! lololol! Keep up the good work! I can't wait!

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