2.6.0l Patch Notes

Thanks GGG
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Where is the list of future promotins ? or Something I do not understand

Maybe for the upcoming Twitch Prime promotion?

When will you add Emoji support? :100:
No patch note for the recent update (May, 23 - 21h GMT ; 31 Mo) ? At least on Steam.
Edit : And another one, 14.9 Mo.
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Same here. Playing on steam with 2 patches, what gives?
What future promotion is that?
yup two patches int he last 24 hours but no patch notes :o

probably something to do with the twitch prime thing
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I asked on Reddit and there's nothing to see here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Complete quote :
Chris wrote:
Just fixing some tiny stuff, nothing to see here.
^^^ Thanks. I was wondering too.
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