[3.2] Demi's Full Ele LemonPrime, CI OR Life Lightning Arrow/Blast Rain Max Block Pathfinder


This is my gear and i have really bad dps, what should i do ?

you have 1 jewel on tree and its garbage. necklace is bad, moonstone is bad, missing all enchants, using the wrong bows/flasks. you have no flask effect on tree. follow the guide a bit better ;)
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Would you recommend this build for a beginner player for a league starter?
So what does the blast rain buff do for this build?
Also, is the lightning arrow just an option to choose or is it needed for something specific?
Bro can u tell me leveling passive tree points , like first 40 or first 20 after this 20 or 40 and like this :) i am waiting nice build :)
Will doomfletch's prism with drillneck be any use at some point of low tier maps? like really, really low.Most of harbinger bows does not provide good pDPS and the decent ones cost at least 1ex.I'm not even talking about reach of the council (with quiver, without it's cheap).So overall, Im lacking damage, huge.On top of that only 2,2k ES, but I geuss league has like 2 weeks so most items are not that good.What should I do?
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Leveling this build with the ES tree right now. You're going to have to spec out of some damage and gear better. Theres a few ways to make this work on a budget. I'll report back once I've hit maps and figure out what I'm doing.

EDIT : Yeah this is completely do-able hit 70 and got some basic gear together without even any investment into ES I'm right around 3k and the damage is insane. I'll pop back in when the gear is more or less optimized. Should be a great incursion farmer.

2nd EDIT : Got to maps, realized 3kes is garbage even with block. This build is pretty hard to balance without insane gear. It's fun to play but the dps has really fallen off in higher tier maps. It's a glass cannon legacy item build. I kinda expected to have problems but not with damage. I feel if I dumped tons of currency into this it would be "okay". Was a fun learning experience and will get better once this character hits standard but I doubt I will progress it much further.
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Which Pantheons do you recommend, DeMi?

Luv pigY
Hey, you are only max Block with the legacy Rumis right?

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