2.6.0f Patch Notes


I need more purple titles
Next up do you think you could enable all talismans for both SC and HC? Some are still restricted like they were in the original leagues, and i'm assuming that isn't intended anymore (since sc and hc are supposed to have all the same stuff available nowadays)
where is my voltaxic 3d art srsly????????
Freezing Pulse MTX when?
No more HoG crashing wooo!
I know it's not the biggest issue plaguing the game. But can we please get more 3D art uniques? Bug fixes are awesome and should be applauded. But, the only change in this patch and got me visibly excited was art.
They need to fix the fiery eyes mtx so that it shows properly with the celestial hood on all classes. Worked fine on my witch and became an instant favorite, but on a ranger it doesn't show the eyes.
Was hoping to get some news about game crashes due to supposed multithreading.

I can barely play my second character, got over 20 crashes with multithreading and zero the moment I turned it off.

Oddest part is that I got my league starter to level 85 with multithreading and zero crashes.

Any timeline on when this issue will be looked at?

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Was this a buff?
My apologies to all

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