[R.I.P.] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version - R.I.P. thx to "balancing" policy

whiterockx wrote:
The high discharge cooldown killed the build i think! Sad...

but you just use the new jewel that removes the cooldown....
The jewel will probably have "Discharge has 50% Less damage" for sure!
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whiterockx wrote:
The jewel will probably have "Discharge has 50% Less damage" for sure!

Patch notes states:

35% less Damage if Triggered
10% increased Area of Effect

I think the jewel will add same 35% less damage when triggered and remove cooldown to 0.15 or 0.25. Don't think there will be much more to that...
Well, that was unexpected, not only not buffed but even nerfed.
The jewel is even called Endless Misery. They did that on purpose.
So what do you think?
It's probably no Mjolner discharge again? ((
Jewel look so bad...
The most bad thing is 250ms cooldown for Mjolner build...
Rip build
Whoever proposed, accepted and applied those so called improvements.
I want you to open my account check my jugg build that i played since 3.0.

Examine it carefully.

Every single piece of item or gem cylozerkjer has, shove them up in your certain places!
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~8kk DPS
~5kk shaper DPS

Romira's diamond banquet ring must be elder item (shance on elder base)
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Soske wrote:
The jewel is even called Endless Misery. They did that on purpose.

Endless Misery is what Dev team have been doing for several years now while trying to "balance" things in-game.

Every time players have invested heavily into some specific build considered as meta or just one that felt powerfull and fun to play - the next patch it was recieving a nerf.

This time triggered Discharge didnt deserve a nerf at all. In terms of DMG output it was allready mediocre, however Dev team decided to nerf it to the ground. 4 casts per sec is simply not enough. It will feel bad. As bad as 250ms cooldown on Cast on Crit gem that was introduced at some point in the game and which was reworked several patches later to 150ms as nobody was playing this shit. Simply Dev team do not learn from its own mistakes.

What is more - they do not understand the simple idea - in this kind of action based rpg games players work heavily and invest heavily into builds that they like to play and no one likes to play a build that is weak in performance.

Insted of nerfing builds that performs well (outside of exploits like bone wall + poison that was present at some point in the game) they should buff the builds that dont. Blizzard does that. Blizzard understands that. This is why Diablo 2 was so popular over the years and this is why people are still playing Diablo 3.

I agree that game should provide some challenge. But after challenge and another challenge and yet another challenge and many hours later into the end-game, after player's have invested heavily into the builds there should be a reward - a feeling of being powerful, as powerfull as 'half-god', killing things whith just a gaze, farming bosses effortlessly. Simply because those who invested time and effort should be rewarded.

In this kind of game it was allways about developing a character untill it is strong and fun to play and performs well so we can continue to enjoy it. Players have enough challenges in real life.

Seeing yet another "balancing" patch I will no longer spent any more money on this game.

Now, excuse me, I will return to what I was doing before - continue waiting for Diablo 4.

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