2.5.3b Patch Notes

I have the same clipping effect on my Scion and Witch. Part of the glow is cut when I'm zoomed out.
Seems less glowy with my radiant armor, idk...
cutting my character in half

the first screen is realy ugly :/ so i think i will w8 again...i wonder if GGG test what they do?
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this is a numerous buff buff?
Same problem here.
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...also while moving, it looks like my head was cut of

E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
there's an odd effect on the chimera body armor. when you equip the legacy character effect it makes the chimera body armor glow red.
I like the idea of the legacy effect, but I don't think it will ever look right to me on a moving character. Maybe it still needs to be tweaked, but I doubt it. I'm guessing it will always seem "flat" and disconnected to me
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Yeah no, appreciate you guys trying to fix the effect but whatever you guys did just made it worse. Can you just revert whatever you did? Don't like my character being cut in half or yeah..

Or please give us a wep effect that is similar to the Closed beta ones pleaseeeeee
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Finally! My Cyclone Beserker with 4 Endurance Charges was pegging my CPU (QX9650 CoreQuad Extreme @ 3.6GHz) at 98% and dropping frame-rate to 4fps! The GPU was only running at a maximum of 50% so it was purely down to crappy coding. This CPU is a beast, I've never seen it over 40% with a game before yet PoE was dropping it to its knees.

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