2.5.1c Patch Notes

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(Xbox) MickeyDankMouse
(GUILD) Gaurdian of the Phoenix
Still nothing on failed to connect to instance?! I get this multiple times, every day...Could be changing act zones, going to hideout or to town, out and in of map portals...sigh!
When Device Error ShaderD3D9.cpp:157 Fix
When can we get a fix for soul taker functionality, specifically the incompatibility with scold's bridle?
First, and foremost, if you don't have a public character sheet; then, well, I don't give a flying f*** what your position is on any subject concerning this game. Wanna hide your build? Go for it; and, while you're at it piss off.
Will this patch fix my father beating me with jumper cables? -RobertSimon10
75% less spiders
Did you fix the bug where the game goes to windowed mode EVERY start up, and then freezes when I try to switch to the desktop?


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