[2.5] CWC bladefall (crit + poison) CI assassin.

I'm working on a variant of this build. Instead of running Warlord's Mark on Blasphemy for leech, I dropped Void Manipulation for the Life Leech gem and and running Vulnerability with Blasphemy (dual curse with a Temp Chains CWDT as well). I think Vulnerability offers a similar damage boost to VM (effectively 33% more poison damage with Vulnerability vs. 39% with VM, while the 39% more Chaos damage from VM would be compared to the 29% more physical damage with Vulnerability, and I think even with Unholy Might up I'm still doing more phys damage per bladefall hit than Chaos) but I get the added security of being able to leech from long range and vs. more targets as I leech off all the stuff outside the Blasphemy radius. Temp Chains also effectively works as another more modifier on poison vs. high HP targets.

I actually started out using Rive with Bladeflurry as my channeled skill, hoping to get the benefit the bleed stuff in assassin (namely, maiming bleeding enemies, 30% skill effect duration increase when killing maimed enemies to burn down nasty rares and bosses with adds faster) but it's just not worth it vs. a good dagger's crit stats, plus the Bladeflurry mana sustain issues and BF itself not adding much damage to the mix compared the bladefalls...so I'm considering switching to Wither, and maybe sticking Blight on my spell totem? I'll see how much damage that adds and if it's not noticeable, I'd probably switch to a decoy totem instead.
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