American evening Race Event times updated

We have adjusted the times of the American evening race events for Season One so that they are at more playable times for people with jobs. We have also factored in the American daylight savings change so that those specific times are consistent throughout the season. The other races, such as the ones appropriate for Europe, are unmodified and have not been modified for American daylight savings. The updated times can be seen on the Season One page!

The evening race times are still okay for people based in Australia but unfortunately hinder players who want to play during New Zealand evenings (those events start at midnight). We'll be trying to achieve better coverage of events for Season Two. Most large countries have several good timeslots with the current schedule.
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That is great. Work before games, the way it should be.
Excellent, I really can't wait to start racing! Plus I have vacation coming up soon... it will be spent in Wraeclast.

One question for Chris: I love the new prizes for the race, but I have to ask if the modified artwork is only for the items icon or will it actually show up in game? (Such as Goldrim being distinguishable from other helms while being worn, etc).
Not that it affected me but it's awesome that you guys saw the concerns people had and made adjustments immediately to account for very valid points. Bravo GGG.
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The race times are terrible for kiwis... especially since you have to run LOTS of them just to get something.

Please go back to some sort of immediate currency reward to make it worth staying up once in a while to race.
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Amazing. I live in Quebec, and have a day job, but i was still laughing at all the people complaining...never thought this would be adjusted so soon, figured I'd be waiting for Season 2.

Thanks a ton GGG!!
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I live in New Zealand.
6pm in the weekends was awesome for a event for me... but 3-4pm? :(
Thanks for listening to the feedback. You guys are awesome!!!
These are way better times, thanks.
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