Over 100% Damage Conversion

What happens when we reach more than 100% damage conversion(for instance Lightning Arrow [50%lightning] + Blackgleam [50%fire] + Darkscorn [25%chaos]). Would we deal negative physical damage, would it rescale to 40%-40%-20%, or would we get effective 25% more damage?
It would rescale to 40-40-20. You can´t convert more than 100%.
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Anybody can confirm this? I might be wrong but I think that Lightning Arrow + Blackgleam + Darkscorn is the only way to get more than 100% conversion, which makes me unsure if devs included rescale code just for this 1 case. Anyone tried it?
It's far from the only case. Hrimsorrow Gloves also grant 25% Conversion, and there used to be a Keystone that converted all your Physical damage to Fire (Avatar of Fire). So, you know. :P

It's downscaled.
Conversion on the skill is always applied at full value. Other conversion from gear, etc is scaled to fit the remaining space. So in your example, lightning arrow still converts 50% to lighting, the other two scale down evenly to fill the remaining 50% (so roughly 17% and 33%)

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