Waiting for patch notes? Here's a few:

  • Intruders in Black in Cruel now also offers a Bismuth Flask
  • Mercy Mission in Cruel now also offers a Stibnite and Silver Flask
  • Mercy Mission in Merciless now also offers a Basalt, Aquamarine and Sulphur Flask
  • The Rock Elemental Pet now sometimes rolls when it moves
Last bumped on Aug 30, 2016 8:50:50 PM
Oh yes! Reads intently.
The Rusty Shack!
I can now wait few hours more, thanks!
The changes we've all been waiting for!
QcRevo wrote:
The changes we've all been waiting for!

The Rusty Shack!
Ur mean. :(
lol bex
✦[Mirror service]✦/view-thread/534134/ ✦#1 Res Boots w/ 30% Move QUAD RES✦
✦#1 T1 Essence 95% Fire Dmg Attacks Ring ☩T1 Phys ☩50Str ☩20ES% ☩48% Fire Res✦
✦#1 T1 Essence 59% Fire Dmg Caster Ring ✦ #1 2H Bleed Weapon✦
✦#1 6xT1 Legacy Insanity Life Glove ☩48%Fire/Light Res☩Dual Leech✦
Not quite as good as the live updates we got last time, but thanks for trying.

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