Race Event Season One announced!

so the only reward for races are the RP(+their related items) and the demigods?
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What time zone are the races posted in the schedule? Are they adjusted to the player's local time like the forum post times or are they all in NZ time?

EDIT: looks like the time is specific to the account as you need to log in to view the schedule.
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That is all.
ilvl 100 Coral Ring is a little bit OP.
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Mugiwara wrote:
gildash wrote:
Not sure how well your incentive system is going to work...

At first glance it seems entirely not worth the effort for those prizes. Thats just me though, I'll be watching.

Good luck.

+1, liked random orbs as reward (even if you nerfed it as hell).

I have no use of Redbeak @lvl 80+

to use a different game as reference:think of it like Runescapes party hats. something you dont use while running around actually fighting things, but something to show off with. Im also sure with the rate this game is growing that as these items are tradable, their value will be higher say a year from now than what they are now. because they can ONLY be gotten through later purchase OR while playing this season. meaning the more players that want that item(to use or to just look cool with) the more value it will gain as their will NEVER be any more of them. Add to this that in hard core especially the values will go up because a player USING the item dies it goes to softcore, taking it out of the HC pool completely. I think its a GREAT thing, a fun event, and something that potentially has more value than ANY orbs they could offer. especially on something like that ring. ilvl 100. meaning if they ever add higher ranges it could then be REROLLED as well to keep up with the better stats. As well as looking different its actually a roller's wet dream. i mean their are rare rings that go for exalt+ what about one wiht artwork you cant find anywhere else on top of that roll. so im very much so looking forward to this. going to jack myself into a cafine machine, get a colostomy bag and just run ALL of them!
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damn, I like currency rewards, it made it feel like I was accomplishing something. I don't really wanna be tied down to racing a ton, which is what would be necessary for someone not in the top 1% like me just to get enough points for a redbeak that I'd never use or never want to use because of its "value".
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Have to admit I'm a bit disappointed with the prizes. The mirror shield was kinda cool but getting 480points when you have a full time job is pretty much impossible...
Was also disappointed with the fact that the individual races don't actually give anything, which sux for people who actually have stuff like work or studies and can't compete in most of the races.
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Seems like a very large number of races. I really don't know if I like the idea of having 3-4 a day. People are going to get bored playing so much act 1-2.
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