0.10.1c Patch Notes

The Piety Ball nerf is the best of these updates. That her balls were just too much to handle.
IGN JimansNotSummoner
adymb wrote:
Thanks for much needed melee buffs...oh wait

I don't think they do major balance in a lettered patch. It wouldn't make sense anyway. This is just small fixes. I'm a melee man too and I want this, but I feel like it'll be soon enough you know? Melee is pretty, well it's really bad yea but I'm grinding it out and I'm slowly powering up it's chill. I'll crush when the buffs come.
Chris wrote:

Added support for race event seasons.

Can you give more information about how this will work? There will be different seasons for solo and party races? There will be rewards?
ign: Bikvin
cool, great job chris and ggg gang. i hope there'll be a few new attack gem's for claw and facebreaker.
Life sucks; but damn i'm havin a ball doin it.
Piety was fine...
It seems I still won't be getting that bug fix for Ranged Attack Totem+Explosive Arrow+Quill Rain+ switching weapons. Maybe next time?
IGN: Chimonk
Ooh, race seasons... if only I didn't work two jobs!

I'm hoping next up is ATI card fixes, and maybe, I dunno, LOOT OPTIONS! Or, at least, better timers for FFA. In any case, great work GGG.
No fun allowed.™
People complaining about melee: you don't really understand how patching and iteration works, do you? This is a patch for bug fixes only, you can't expect every single patch to be full of content. That is ridiculous. Be patient.
Deretto wrote:
Why're they making the game easier? :(

Don't pull a Diablo 3 on us now.

yeah, because a change made to one event makes the ENTIRE game easy.

The Epitome of Hyperbole


You're welcome.

Making all kinds of gains.
More, and everlasting love for Docks. But Piety was indeed fine, imho. She's supposed to have some difficulty to her after all, isn't she?

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