[2.3 Video Guide] Inquisitor's FREEZE Arc Crit Build! [HC/SC Viable]

build is unplayable for high-lvl maps (t13+), i tried as i can, t10-t11 clearing perfectly. good build for beginners.
Thoughts on this using Pledge of Hands? Then you could 6L Arc/Faster Cast/Added Light/Empower/Crit Chance/Life Leech and get free echo...
Any info on how this build works in 2.5 now, please?
I tried this build and I like it.

Quick question: what damage is your tooltip showing? If you could show 5L and 6L damage, please.
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Im using this build in 2.5, works great so far lvl 59 , only problem is that i cant get the the power charges stable. my Assasians Marks lvl 13, says 27% chance, but i can kill 50 without getting 1 power charge.?
what other build could i make with this passive skill tree?
cant play with it at t14-15-16
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Anyone have objections for using this build in 3.0? I am only 14 now, but headed down this path because I like the playstyle.

Thanks for any input! HF and remember to relax.
I would also love to know. I love the look of arc and would like to try to it out. I think I am just going to follow it for the most part and try to tinker.
Hi all,

I started a build based around arc/critical damage and hit a bit of a wall. I found this guide and even though its several versions old I started to steer my passive tree towards this set up. I haven't managed to farm enough Orbs of Regret to fully swap over yet but for the most part it is working. I do tend to get squashed quite quickly by bosses though.

I am however little more than a noob. So, a few experienced voices will be really appreciated. How would this build fare in 3.0 towards end game? Are there any major changes to gear or skills us late comers need to be aware of?

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