Development Manifesto: Content Update 2.1.0 Balance Changes

Here are the JSON file and images for the new passive tree. Tool-makers will be able to use this to create a viewable version for others. Once there's an updated tool available, we'll update this post to include this information. Update: here is more information.

The Darkshrine one-month events end tomorrow! This is your last chance to get your submissions in to be in to win an armour set!

If you have any remaining questions about the Talisman Leagues and 2.1.0 Content Update, please post them here! While we're not conducting a full Q&A session, we're happy to answer some in the news later this week. We'll also have more in-depth information about the 32 challenges in the Talisman league later in the week.
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Please GGG, Make Talisman upgrade TIER trough sacrifice have 5% chance to have higher rarity than the one sacrificed, per talisman.

Please GGG, nerf Surgeons Flasks retroactively, dont make me have 10 stash tabs full of surgeon flasks on standard. No one will conplain their 20 alteration got nerfed and quit. Just nerf retroactively and call mechanic change. For the sake of standard, standard can't be a void of balance.

Tree HYPE!
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Great news! Can't wait to read the manifesto in full.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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So excited! Great stuff!

First p. Great !
Finally! ^^
So hyped

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