(3.9) CI 9.7k ES/Eva/Block Hybrid Flicker Strike/ Blade Flurry Trickster BUFFED

can this build even be done w/o mirror gears?
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That's an insane chest ! :D Really good base.

Of course you can.

Example from Legion League

Desarotion wrote:

So as i said i cleared Shaper with my Character and this was my gear including a lvl 21 hatred. The timeless jewel was pretty nice at the ranger jewel socket it gaves me defense and a bunch of damage.
The entire gear cost me something like 8-9 ex and yeah for this budget it performes very well. In the 6 link i tried diffrent skills like cyclone for better clearing and than i just used flicker for small mobs and movement. Its up to you what you use even against the legion. Its a nice tanky template for a Ci trickster with so many options.

approximately how horrible of an idea is it if im a new player and i wanna try this as my first build? this is like, the only one that looks remotely fun to me. everything else is just SPIN or CONTAGION
Hi, based on skill tree it does seem dagger gives higher dps, but claws are more realisitic in achieving even up to 500pdps. so is it actually btr to go for a claw setup for budget option or even endgame?

any advice to proceed on with this?

working on the build in legion.
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Nothing really big has changed in 3.8.

The nerfs to Trickster are not impactful, finally flicker strike is fully usable with the changes to multistrike.
A bit sad that the alchemist (flask cluster) got split apart, but yeah.. made the best out of it.

Also managed to get a nice timeless jewel.

My state of this Build still sits at 10k es, 18k unbuffed evasion. Shaper Blade Flurry dps is around 7.9 mill.

3.8 Pastebin

3.8 Passive Tree
Hey, could you help me get this straight, please? I have only 10% of your DPS. I know I lack some % physical damage and such, but I don't see it multiplying the global damage by 10.
Here's my build : https://pastebin.com/kP3mra7A
What do I lack more, concerning DPS?
@Lightmaxime, i'm also interested in the answer to that

PoB seems to have all the components, my only guess is you don't have the mirrored 250% phys dagger etc

you also have dps gems that aren't lvl 21 but i'm not sure if that would ramp you to have ten times more damage

Hello Friend.
Great great build! Loved!!!

Can you look my current gear and tree, please?

The gameplay is great. Tier 10 maps is easy. Dont manage to get higher maps ( max tier 10).
I believe now is a matter of gear, right ?

I have this 2 great amor
But I think they are not for this build.

Ty man
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You do more than 10% compared to mine at your current state :D

1st thing i noticed is that Life Flask, replace it with a Diamond Flask.
Also you forgot that you intimidate the enemy so that's 10% more damage as well.

Your weapon is totally fine! You might be able to give it additional quality through Hillock in Transportation, don't worry you won't lose the quality of the craft.

In POB, i replaced those and brought up every gem up to level 20.
Now you sit on 2 mill Shaper dps.

How is are your crits? You can get shaper gloves with crit. chance to attacks corr. to help, this is also giving you dps, but it's rather impactful in sense of conistent dps.

Both rings are pretty weak in my eyes, start crafting/buying steel rings, personally i don't need any red. mana cost on my gear, you can pick the 4% red. mana node next to the CI keystone to free up mana. Try to get some with flat phys.

I know getting resists is a pain with this build, i fixed that through jewel slots.

You trickster is level 77, so there is still a lot of nice stuff to reach in the tree.

Might wanna drop the frenzy node fervour (path throuh the jewel node) and invest those 2 points into the dagger cluster?

Picking up the crit. clusters and filling up the cagger cluster brings your dps up to 3 mill. without any jewels.
And we all know that jewels are pretty strong.

You will get there, you are on a good path! It's pretty much the small things that will add up like a puzzle :)

Feel free to keep me updated, as this is also really useful content for others, i help where i can.


Yo thank you!
The items are nice, but we want evasion and energy shield in this build.

Get uber lab so that flicker strike and whirling blade cost no mana.

Craft Evasion and Energy Shield on your shield, since we do want to have both in this build.
Energy Shield recharge rate does nothing, you can craft something else.
Amulet is really weak, you want the strong damage affixes, like gain x% of pyhsical damage as cold/ lightning, flat phys. crit. multi.

Your Dagger is also fine, pretty much both of you should aim for better rings, amulet, jewels. Those can be very expensive.

Carrion Essence is only giving you attack speed and attributes. Really pay attention what types of rolls you have on jewels since some affect this build and some not, like dual whielding in this case.

I try to make a new video, not sure about what except talking about that it's a lot more playable due to the multistrike changes with 3.8. and the small changes to the passive tree and the timeless jewels.

Maybe you guys have something in mind that you want to hear from me, take care guys!
Which are the bis passive options to oil the amulet?

Edit: Retaliation seems okay, at least for how cheap the oils are

Also, what's the purpose of the timeless jewel with no keystones near the slots? Is it worth using?
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