(3.0) [Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone: ☠updating for 3.0 has begun...☠

Beginners Introduction
Hey buddy,
My name is Mat Lighty and you've came across my Build Guide for 2H RT Cyclone. Feel free to ask questions, explore and adventure all aspects of my build; I welcome inquiry!
New to Cyclone?
Cyclone is an skill that initiates a spinning series of attacks as the player travels to a target location. For those who enjoy a melee build that is mobile and unwavering this skill may be for you. You can play in both a hardcore and softcore setting with relative ease without needing any expensive gear or complicated items. Simplicity is the key to this build and as you progress and level you will become a rampaging berserker who tramples over all enemies without the slightest regard. If your a newcomer and want to begin leveling with this build in either a permanent or temporary league I suggest you check out the Leveling section of the guide for some tips on how to make the process more comfortable.

Build Summary
This fast moving build can be used with a Marauder, Duelist and scion and provides a separate skill tree for using an Axe, Sword, Mace and more. It relies on using fortify and Resolute Technique. From level 28 onward you'll want to use Cyclone, Life Gain on Hit, Bloodmagic and Fortify. There are no specific Uniques or other gear that's required but you'll generally aim for tri-resistance gear, life, attack speed, movement speed and weapon elemental damage if possible.
Important Keystones:

You will always have fortify up and this grants not only a buff to fortify itself, but our overall damage

Allows for fluid life leeching and scales higher the more pdps you gain

Grants 100% chance to hit with 0% chance to critical strike

Allows our movement speed not be hindered by Armour and is more helpful than you could imagine. One of the greatest joys of playing cyclone is being able to move quickly

I only Suggest traveling the 3 points to obtain Iron Reflexes if you have substantial Amounts of evasion on gear (2000+). Otherwise it falls short of being worthwhile.

Ascendancy Classes

  • Unstoppable➥Fortitude➥Inspirational➥First to Strike,Last to Fall

  • Bane of Legends➥Headsman➥Endless Hunger➥Brutal Fervour

  • Crave the Slaughter➥Aspect of Carnage➥Pain Reaver➥Cloaked in Savagery

  • Unstoppable➥Unflinching➥Unrelenting➥Unbreakable

  • Slayer: for culling strike, increased damage against rare/unique enemies, 10% overkill leech and 100% stun chance on hitting an enemy at full life.
  • Raider: for permanent onslaught on full charges and 10% frenzy charge gain on kill. Works well in conjunction with bloodrage while mapping.
  • Final 2 points should be used on the passive point nodes behind each subclass

Beginners Leveling Breakdown:
Under Construction!

Simplified Leveling Breakdown:
  • 1-4 Fire trap + Fireball/Moltenstrike/Ground slam
  • 4-12 Fire Trap + Flame Totem + Fireball/Moltenstrike/Groundslam
  • 12-28 Sunder + Added Fire + Melee Physical + Faster Attacks
  • 28+ Cyclone + Fortify + life gain on hit + Bloodmagic

Leveling Uniques:
Useful leveling uniques such as Geofri's Baptism, Quecholli and Wideswing help the leveling process but arnt required, for those who dread re-leveling it can make the experience almost enjoyable.
Leveling Uniques

Efficient Farm Locations:

Act 1: The Ledge

Act 2: The Fellshrine Ruins

Act 3: The Docks

Act 4: The Dried Lake

You can change your Bandit choice if you mess up for 20 regrets per act
  • Help Oak = +40 Maximum Life
  • Help Kraiten = 8% Attack Speed
  • Help Oak = +1 Endurance Charge (Hardcore/Juggernaut) or Kill all = +1 Passive Point

Required Gear
There are no required uniques to start playing the build and it can run perfectly fine off selffound or cheaply acquired rares. Below are dropdown menus of the useful rolls for each item slot. Ideally you want the highest of each value and can often craft or purchase rare's with desirable stats affordably. If you want to use uniques or have extra currency to spend check out the "Helpful Unique's" section of the build page

Good to note that with all lv20 gems you will require 110 intelligence and 155 dexterity. Your gear is the best place to gain these attributes as the passive tree offers little in int/dex.


  • Life
  • %Armour
  • Flat Armour

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance

Body Armour

  • Life
  • %Armour
  • Flat Armour

  • Strength
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance


  • Added physical
  • Life
  • %Armour
  • Flat Armour
  • Life Leech

  • Attack Speed
  • Strength
  • Dexterity
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance


  • Movement Speed (30% Extremely Important)
  • Life
  • %Armour
  • Flat Armour

  • Strength
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance


  • Weapon Elemental Damage
  • Life
  • Flat Armour
  • Movement Speed (MasterCraft)

  • Strength
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance


  • Weapon Elemental Damage
  • Life
  • Added Physical
  • Life Leech
  • % Armour(MasterCraft)

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity
  • All Attributes
  • Attack Speed
  • All Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance


  • Weapon Elemental Damage
  • Life
  • Added Physical
  • Life Leech
  • % Armour(MasterCraft)

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity
  • All Attributes
  • All Resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Chaos Resistance

Helpful Unique's
Your best in slot weapon will always be a “Mirrored” rare(800+pdps). That being said there are many good unique weapon to transition to/from and some are good enough to clear all current endgame content.

  • Kaoms Primacy is the starter unique axe for mapping and can be used very early, effectively granting 10% more damage from culling strike.
  • Hezmana’s Bloodlust is your middle tier unique axe boosting decent pdps, minor leech and an effective 7th link with its global bloodmagic on attack skills.
  • Atziri’s Disfavour is the best unique weapon you can get and is easily good enough for all current endgame content. Because its gated behind Uber Atziri and expensive divination cards it's often hard to achieve or expensive.
  • Marohi Erqi is the best unique mace option and somewhere between Hezmana’s by offering essentially a 7th link in increased aoe and Kaom’s Primacy by being lower pdps and level requirement.
  • Doomsower is a decent unique sword with built in added fire and midrange pdps. In general you want a rare sword as the unique options are limited at best.
  • Starforge is both very good, bad and “click baity” at the same time. At first glance it seems to be the best weapon in game but due to being unable to deal elemental damage (which is 50% of 2h rt’s dps) you're actually farther behind dps wise than you'd imagine, however. It has insane pdps and works extremely well for pure phys builds, which don't really exist outside of Voidheart based ones, which is fine. If you decide to use starforge I suggest going voidheart,blasphemy + vuln and Cyclone to gain the full advantage of everything it has to offer. Since you won't be running hatred + hoa you can have room for haste to boost your clear speed nicely.

Body Armour
In general the body armour slot is dominated by uniques due to their vast powerful and unique abilities that cannot be found on a rare body.

  • Carcass Jack grants minor resistances, decent life and the exclusive mods of increase area effect and damage. For most players the extra gore effects it gives will reduce your fps.
  • Belly of the beast is your cookie cutter body that grants res and high %life which is best used when you have high amounts of flat (maximum) life on gear. Again, for most players the extra gore effects it gives will reduce your fps.
  • Daresso’s Defiance is decent with its minor life, leech and dodge. Its main feature is giving and removing endurance charges with the blessing of temporary onslaught buff.
  • Kaoms Heart is very simple in function, it offers 500 flat life (most times 1.5-2k life after scaling) at the cost of having 0 sockets. In general you won't need the extra 6l assuming your weapon is linked. The fire damage isn't a deadstat as it scales your herald of ash and added fire damage dps.
  • Brass Dome offers massive amounts of flat armour for great physical damage reduction at the cost of less movement speed and longer shock duration. Its main ability is preventing crits from dealing extra damage, which is extremely useful when pushing harder content and red maps.
  • Lightning Coil is the gold standard for body armours for most every melee build. It offers decent life with the downside of -lightning resistance. It however grants an insane 30% of physical damage taken converted to lightning damage taken, which essentially means that you're taking 22.5% less physical damage after that 30% gets mitigated by your minimum 75% lightning resistance. This functions the same way as Taste of Hate or Redblade helms do.

I normally suggest purchasing an item level 84 helmet with the uber lab enchantment you desire than crafting a decent rare from it instead of going for a unique helm; the unique helm slot seems lackluster at the moment.

  • Devoto's Devotion is perfect for helping us reach our high required amount of dexterity along with hard to get chaos res, attack and movement speed. This makes Devotos great for mapping, it also makes your feet glow.
  • Alphas can be useful when going up against high elemental damage encounters by utilizing purity of fire/cold/lightning to achieve lv23 purities for an additional +1 max elemental resistance; freeze immunity is also useful in certain instances.

The belt slot is often used for life,resistances and flask effects but certain uniques grant interesting abilities that can be worthwhile.

  • Headhunter is the best fucking mapping belt in the game and allows you to steal the mods of rares you kill, including nemesis mods. Its widely regarded as the most expensive unique in the game (not including legacy/alt art ect.)
  • The Retch grants an interesting ability that deals chaos damage based on life leached. So it takes 200% of the actual life gained from leech and deals it as Chaos Damage to the enemy that was the target of the leeching (works against multiple targets). Therefore, by default no damage is dealt if the player is at full health while leeching. This damage is not affected by damage modifiers as it is considered as reflected damage

Gloves again fall under the lackluster unique section and I often suggest you choose them as a rare slot and utilize a stronger unique elsewhere.

  • Veruso's are only advantageous if juggernaut (7+end Charges) granting decent offensive stats, High armour and Shock Immunity.
  • Null and Void causes rampage while equipped. Additionally, this item grants the following each time the character enters a rampage tier. 1) Dispel of all elemental ailments 2) Immunity to physical damage for 1.5 seconds

Boots again fall under the lackluster unique section and I often suggest you choose them as a rare slot and utilize a stronger unique elsewhere.

  • Atziri's Steps grant high evasion, life and good spell dodge. There often worth using if your Iron Reflexes as it grants a large amount of flat armour after conversion.
  • Death's door are Convenient in making you immune to all bleeding effects along with grants +1 endurance charge and minor elemental resistances.

The ring slot is extremely valuable and I don't suggest using multiple uniques as you’ll lose large amount of potentially dps and resistance.

  • Ming's takes 20% of your physical damage and adds it into additional chaos damage . It grants a large amount of chaos resistance which is difficult to come by. The 15% reduced life is easily overcome for any melee build.
  • Essence Worm works very well with Blood magic keystone as it allows you to run a free aura, in most cases, Hatred.
  • Voidheart(legacy) gives bleeding and poison on hit which grants insane damage over time and can be utilized on every melee build. The newer non-legacy version has a lesser chance to apply bleed/poison and isn't worth it unless invested into DoT as a build mechanic.

Amulets again fall under the total shit unique section and I highly suggest you choose a rare and utilize a stronger unique elsewhere.

  • Although you do not gain the 10% movement speed and 60% increased damage on full life buffs while bloodrage is active, Daresso's still offers an exclusive +2 weapon range for those interested in a heavily AoE focused playstyle.

My Gear

I swap gems around for phys reflect maps and headhunter out for certain bosses ect, I can also run a vaal ground slam setup in my weapon If desired.

None of these flasks are required but highly suggested and will benefit your PoE experience; flasks are our friend

  • A Perpetual Quicksilver Flask Of Adrenaline can greatly increase your clearspeed when mapping
  • Atziri's Promise not only grants a decent amount of temporary chaos resistance (which unless your CI is seldom capped) but a large dps boost in the form of chaos damage and makes 2% chaos leech. Amazing budget flask that will greatly boost your dps and survivability
  • Taste of Hate is painfully good, easily the best flask ever made. Not only does it give a large dps boost but also mitigates 25.5% physical mitigation due to its +10 max cold res during flask use (30% of 85 res). Normally expensive but well worth the investment; Will most likely be nerfed or go legacy
  • The best granite flask you can have; it still grants the flat amour with added block and spell block( roll/legacy dependent). Significant boost to survivability
  • Having a panic flask has been a staple of life builds since there inception. Hollowed is the fastest refilling flask so we put staunching on it since bleed (corrupting blood aswell) as 2H Cyclone can become problematic.

Gems and Links
Cyclone Setup
In Order Of Importance
  • Cyclone
  • Bloodmagic (Skip if Bloodmagic Keystone)
  • Fortify
  • Life Gain On Hit (Remove After 80)
  • Melee Physical Damage
  • Added Fire Damage
  • Faster Attacks (Use over Weapon Elemental Damage if Running Life Gain on Hit)
  • Weapon Elemental Damage (Use over Faster Attacks if not running Life Gain on Hit)

Vaal Ground Slam and Vaal Cyclone
In Order Of Importance
  • Vaal Ground Slam
  • Multistrike
  • Melee Physical Damage
  • Added Fire Damage
  • Weapon Elemental Damage
  • Fortify

In Order Of Importance
Warning: Vaal Cyclone Can Get You Killed In HC Very Easily If Misused
  • Vaal Cyclone
  • Increased Duration
  • Life Gain On Hit
  • Fortify
  • Melee Physical Damage
  • Second Vaal Cyclone or Life Leech

What to Avoid When Vaal Cycloning
  • Flame/Frost/Storm Bearers
  • Heralds of the Obelisk
  • Bameth Via [Beyond/Voidspawn of Abaxoth] (Vaal Detonate Dead)
  • Corrupting Blood (Although You Should Always Have A Staunching Flask)
  • Volatile Flame/Ice/Storm blood
  • Ancestral Power (You Can Pull Multiple Searing Bond Totems On-top Of You)

As long as you avoid those you should be okay

Running 100% of your mana into auras the best thing to do overall and will require you to run your utility skills off bloodmagic. You can Either run 2 50% auras or a 50% and 2 25% auras. Options below and I suggest Hatred for any combination as its a massive damage boost.You can also use the blasphemy skill + curse enplace of a 25% skill gem by adding in enlighten and moving the 25% aura to a different socket group.

Common Aura Setups
  • Hatred + Blasphemy - Mana Version
  • Hatred + Herald of Ash + Blasphemy (requires lv4 enlighten)
  • Hatred + Herald of Ash + Arctic Armour
  • Hatred + Haste
  • Hatred + Grace/Determination
  • Herald of Ash/Arctic Armour - Bloodmagic Keystone Version

RE Map Mod: Purity of Elements for Elemental Weakness Maps
Blasphemy Curse Options

How to run more aura's with Atziri Disfavour + Enlighten
An Alternative that allows you to run a [50% + 50% + 25%] aura setup is having level 4 Enlighten placed within Atziri's Disfavour making it artificially a level 6 enlighten which is a 80% mana multiplier.
Cast When Damage Taken Mitigation
Both Molten Shell and Immortal Call scale best from gem levels and grant buffs that don't require constant up-time. Because of this we link them with a high level (20) Cast When Damage Taken setup along with Increased Duration.

This section is for self casted spells of which you can play with and test different combinations to your liking.
  • Bloodrage give a significant boost to our dps and grants a large amount of life leech given its easy to sustain cost; the physical damage it deals to us is mitigated by armour and specified physical mitigation such as Chaos Golem
  • Golems function as pets that deal minimal damage and are mostly there for their specific elemental buff and as a impromptu decoy. They die fairy often in more difficult content but not enough to merit adding additional support skills to bolster there survivability. Of the 3 current golems, Ice golem is the only that offers Zero beneficial buff to us.
  • Enduring Cry is simply a proactive way of granting us Endurance Charges that taunts the enemy as a bi-product; Useful for protecting the less tanky members in a party while mapping.
  • Rallying Cry and Abyssal Cry each play a similar roll of being more useful in a party environment and not needed for solo play. One offering a damage boost, the other slowing and cripples enemies. If you feel you need something else to do that benefits cyclone; these Warcrys may interest you
  • After you've allocated all your sockets to setups you want to run and still have 1 open socket ( not linked to cwdt ) I like to throw in Portal for convenience.

Leap Slam and Vengeance
Leap slam is the only real option we have for a movement skill and overall its the worst of them. The only way to scale how fast we move is based off our weapons attacks peed which is most likely slow due to it being a 2H weapon. That being said its still useful and often placed in a secondary 5-6L setup for those not running a Vaal Skill. Vengeance is a counterattack that operates on its own and doesn't require any links to function; effectively you can placed it anywhere. Both leap slam and Vengeance benefit from similar support gems so placing them together is the most efficient route is you decide to run both

Curses and Curse Application
There is no reasons to not run a curse if you can afford it. Cursing enemies make for both a better leveling and mapping experience and if done right wont slow down your clearspeed. Below are the listed curses that benefit what were trying to accomplish with cyclone; weather slowing or weakening the enemies to providing leech and enduring charges.

As far as the method of applying the curse there are only 2 that work well imo. Only upside to using Coh is you can use a lv20 curse; aside from that cwdt is the superior method for curse application.

  • Curse + Curse on Hit + Vengeance/LeapSlam
  • Curse + Cwdtlv1

Any combination of 2 prefix 2 suffix from the below list would make for an amazing 2H Cyclone jewel; Normally 3 affixes is more than enough to be worth the 2-3 Passive point trip to reach the jewel slot. For personal reference check the Jewel Affix List

The Current Jewel Showcase:

  • Brutal - (14 to 16)% increased Physical Damage with Maces
  • Sinister -(14 to 16)% increased Physical Damage with Axes
  • Vicious - (14 to 16)% increased Physical Damage with Swords
  • Judging - (14 to 16)% increased Physical Damage with Staves
  • Champion's - (12 to 14)% increased Physical Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons
  • Beating - (6 to 8)% increased Attack Speed with Maces
  • Cleaving -(6 to 8)% increased Attack Speed with Axes
  • Fencing - (6 to 8)% increased Attack Speed with Swords
  • Blunt - (6 to 8)% increased Attack Speed with Staves
  • Vivid - (6 to 8)% increased maximum Life
  • Hungering - (0.2 to 0.4)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
  • Sharpened - (14 to 16)% increased Physical Damage
  • Warrior's - (4 to 6)% increased Attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons

  • of Combat - (10 to 12)% increased Melee Damage
  • of Berserking - (3 to 5)% increased Attack Speed
  • of Blasting - (10 to 12)% increased Area Damage
  • of Wounding - (8 to 10)% increased Damage
  • of Zeal - (2 to 4)% increased Attack and Cast Speed

Fluid Motion and Brute Force Solution: Stat Redistribution

As an alternative method of attaining dexterity and Intelligence these unique jewels convert our strength within the radius to dexterity and Intelligence respectively

Primary Fluid Motion & Brute Force Location (70 Strength to Dexterity/Intelligence)


Secondary Fluid Motion & Brute Force Location (60 Strength to Dexterity/Intelligence)

Inspired Learning: poor-mans Headhunter

Basically functions as a poor mans Headhunter while allowing you the ability to run another belt. The main downside is inspired learning can only take 1 mod from a rare and headhunter takes them all.tQ40Ssw

There are only 2 areas that are within the cyclone tree that work for Inspired Learning; South of Duelist & West of Templar

All Active Inspired Learning Locations
If you decide you want to run Inspired Learning on other builds below are the 4 locations across the tree where it works.

Apex of Sacrifice

Universal rule of Apex of Sacrifice:Apex of Sacrifice is a marathon not a sprint. There is no time limit so play carefully, patiently and thoughtfully

Minimum Recommended Stats Before Attempting:
  • 5.5K Life
  • 30K Tooltip Dps
  • 75% All Res
  • Chaos Res Helps

  • Dont get hit by the vaal fallen as they apply status effects on hit and getting frozen then shocked can/will result in an unnecessary death.

Double Vaal:
  • The Ball Lightning spray is clockwise which makes it easy to avoid/predict. Drop both Vaal's to around 15% (careful if you have culling strike) and attempt to kill them around the same time. Dont try and facetank the overhead smash, it can still 1 shot you with 7k life.

  • Avoid the chaos damage on the ground and run in circle to position the enemies to your liking. try to kill them in the middle of the room to limit the amount of poison ground. Dont stand in the Titty Bitches Spike Rain. Dont Facetank the DualStriker when hes on fire. Be aware of your stacks of Corrupting Blood from the Cycloner.

Trio Fight Mechanics

Trio Kill Order:
  • K'aj A'alai ( Titty Bitch )
  • K'aj Y'ara'az ( Dual Striker )
  • K'aj Q'ura ( Cycloner )

  • Don't attack the clone holding a mirror during the split phase, it reflects damage!
  • Use a Topaz and Ruby if you cant dodge her stormcall and flameblasts, you will learn to dodge everything with practice.
  • If your lacking single target dps you can swap in concentrated effect and swap back to increased aoe for the feeding phase.

Alluring Abyss
Alluring Abyss is essentially a much harder version(lv80) of the the Apex of Sacrifice(lv70) and is generally referred to as the "Uber Atziri" map. Everything within the map has a significant increase in life and the damage compared to normal atziri. Although 2h rt cyclone has done uber in the past, it requires a extremely high cost (mirror'd weapon ect.) and isn't efficient in anyway. This build is uber possible but not uber viable and if farming uber is your goal I recommend a different build.

Map Mods
There are no map mods that this build cannot do; that being said there are some I avoid

  • Temporal Chains
  • Chilled Ground
  • Bloodmagic
  • -100%/-50%/-25% Life Regen (can prevent bloodrage sustain)
  • Player Cursed With Vulnerability (can prevent bloodrage sustain)
  • Player Cursed With Elemental Weakness (run Purity of Elements)

Very Annoying

How To Craft Endgame 2H Cyclone Weapons
I wouldn't begin to attempt crafting an i83 weapon until you have roughly 10ex in crafting materials saved up; minimum 50 scours/regal for a decent crafting session. I suggest consulting poeaffix.net for roll tiers when/before crafting.

Step 1:
Make sure your weapon is i83 or you can roll T1% physical or T1 Hybrid. If you cannot afford/find a i83, i77 is next best because of the T1 flat physical roll.

Step 2:
Alteration/Augment into T1-2 %physical or T1-2 Hybrid or T1-2 Flat Physical.

Step 3:
Regal Into another roll from our desired rolls list; if you hit a prefix not on the list, Start over. If you get another T1-2 Prefix, Master craft the missing prefix and enjoy your decent weapon. If you Hit another T1-2 Suffix, Master craft a temporary suffix and exalt into another T1-2 Prefix, if you hit a undesired prefix, start over.

Step 4:
If your here you have a weapon with 2 T1-2 Prefixes and X Amount Of Suffixes. IF your suffixes are usable ( dex/str/chaos/attackspeed ) then your done. If you have random bad suffixes craft the "prefixes cannot be changed" Haku mod, Scour the item which keeps your 2 desired prefixes. Now you have a 2 T1-2 Prefix item.

Step 5:
*This step is 100% optional and just for your own personal enjoyment*
Now you have a 2 T1-2 Prefix item and want to change the items name randomly. You multi mod with Elreon, craft "suffixes cannot be changed" & "prefixes cannot be changed". This will allow you to chaos orb the item and the name will change. Stop when you have a name you enjoy.

Step 6A:
Now you have a 2 T1-2 Prefix item and want to keep going using Multimodding. You can use Elreon to multi craft decent roll stats such as attack speed, +2 weapon range, "socket skills are supported by lv1 blood magic"(mace/staff only) and stop there.

Step 6B:
Now you have a 2 T1-2 Prefix item and want to keep going for T1-2 Suffixes. You can master craft a temporary prefix, exalt into 1-2 other desirable suffixes ( repeat as many times as you want ). This will leave you with a 4 T1-2 Item without having to use eternal orbs. Once your item is 4 T1-2 you will need to use eternal orbs to get your finally T1-2 Prefix. Before doing so realize Eternal orbs are discontinued and expensive and this project could x20 in price. To advance you master craft a suffix (+2weapon range) and Eternal + Exalt your item, if you hit your final T1-2 Prefix; your done. Other wise use the eternal imprint, resetting the item to 4 T1-2 and repeat.

Desired Rolls List:

  • Flat Physical T1-2
  • %Physical T1-2
  • Hybrid Physical T1-2
  • Vagan "socketed skill gems supported by lv1 bloodmagic" (mace/staff only)

  • Attack Speed T1-2
  • Dexterity/Strength/ChaosRes T1-4 ( doesnt matter for dps so any roll is nice )
  • The last slot is for the Vagan +2 Weapon range craft

Check The Path of Exile subreddit for the daily Labyrinth Layout
Deaths Door are very useful for lab as they prevent bleed and grant an additional endurance charge to mitigate the mass amount of physical damage traps/izaro can deal.

Below is a list of helpful tips for the Labyrinth in no perticular order
  • Once you portal out you cannot portal in and must reset the labyrinth, play safe.
  • Be 10-15 levels over the zones to make the enemies trivial. Izaro still hurts at higher leveling in merciless
  • A movement skill is almost mandatory and will help skip many traps and layouts. You can always have a movement skill on your weapon swap if your main weapon doesnt grant acess to an effecient one. For example swapping to swords for whirling blades.
  • Don't Click Darkshrines unless you know what the daily outcome for that shrine is
  • Roll decent flasks for your level and make sure you have at least 3 life flasks
  • Take Your Time while inside, its a marathon not a sprint
  • Life Regeneration will save you flask charges, stone golem is a great addition for this
  • A strong single target dps setup will make Izaro much simpler and the need for aoe dps is minimal
  • Immortal call + Cast prevents burst physical damage taken can save you from traps and Izaro
  • Totems can block projectile traps and create safe pathing in certain layouts
  • The poison Darts do chaos damage so any amount of chaos resistance will help mitigate this
  • Many traps are triggered by pressure plates so watch your feet when exploring
  • The vast majority of traps deal % damage based on your combined life+es pool however the fire traps deal flat damage based on the zone level, allowing you to walk through it easily with high enough regeneration and fire resistance.
  • Every enemy including Izaro (some traps) can be damaged by traps
  • Dont use cast when damage taken + frost wall. You can literally create a coffin for yourself while traversing certain traps

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Using below as a copy/past template while updating,ignore it all







End Game
Mid Game
Early Game

Enchantment breakdown and Explanations

Below are the Enchantments that work best with any 2H Melee skill. They are always fixed values, so Blessed Orbs will have no effect on them, meaning you wont have to re-run anything for different roll values; they just are what they are.

  • [_____Of War] Animates your weapon on kill which means the better your weapon the stronger the animations are; they also benefit from your aura's so hatred increases there dps.

  • X% increased attack/cast speed if you've killed recently
  • Regen X% Life & Mana if you have been hit recently
  • X% ele penetration if you haven't killed recently
  • X% of Damage leeched as life and mana if you've killed recently

  • X% increased Cyclone damage
  • X% increased Cyclone attack speed
  • X% increased Leap Slam Attack Speed
  • X% increased attack speed from Bloodrage

Extensive Updates and Shoutouts
  • Added passive trees for the fallowing weapon types & classes: Marauder/Duelist. Axe/Sword/Mace
  • Added desired Jewel Roll's
  • Updated Flasks
  • Updated Leveling
  • Added "My Gear" example breakdown
  • Updated Leveling Process
  • Updated Map Mods
  • Added Guide Art
  • Added Brief "Deadstat" explanation with example
  • Added "Potential Cyclone Projects" for experimental builds
  • Updated Passive Tree's For More Jewel Slots
  • Added More Jewel Slots to the passive tree's
  • Added Mana Variation apply-able to all tree's
  • Added basic crit staff tree
  • Came to the conclusion that scion and Templar are just strictly worse than marauder or duelist for cyclone
  • Added Hardcore Variation - shoutout to Hellzer
  • Added life & cyclone dps screenshot
  • Added Helpful Uniques Section - shoutout to Deadlyhazard
  • Added Leveling tree in 3 basic phases
  • Finalizing Gem Links
  • Added examples in the "helpful uniques" section
  • block jewels nerfed from 2% to 1%, staff block cyclone secret meta build officially gimped even more
  • Fixed oak reward 14%-16% - shoutout to Boltonsquads
  • Added Conquerors efficiency jewel as an alternative to enlighten for those looking to run haste as a 3rd aura - shoutout to arteqt
  • Added Fluid Motion as an alternative method of attaining much needed dexterity - shoutout to Faltry
  • Added secondary 6s option for those who don't run kaoms heart
  • Added Curse options and limited way to apply them
  • Added Video - Atziri Demo
  • Added Fluid Motion Screenshots in Jewel Sections for maximum strength to dexterity conversion
  • Updated leveling section with 1-66 basic leveling strategy and farm locations while questions with corresponding divination cards within those areas
  • Added Brute Force as an alternative method of attaining much needed intelligence - shoutout to imapinecone
  • Added lv1 cwdt curse option - shoutout to sramitator
  • Updated leveling from 1-12 with ground slam
  • Updated Passive Trees to best possible variation after weeks of testing high level maps
  • Updated gems and links to match recent passive tree changes
  • Updated "Helpful Uniques" section with info and short descriptions of each item and its usefulness
  • Updated leveling passive trees to match recent passive tree changes
  • Added "Donation" section at the bottom of the 2nd reserved area by mass request
  • Added "Scheduling Updates" section at the top of the 2nd reserved area for my availability updates
  • Updated "Hardcore" passive tree ( essentially added 2 endurance charges )
  • Added Molten Shell & Vaal Haste option under "Utility" area of "Gems and Links" section
  • Removed (Help Oak = 16% Physical Damage) for cruel bandit reward, 8% attack speed is strictly better - shoutout to xanster29
  • Updated Fluid Motion & Brute Force optimal locations to match the revised passive tree - shoutout to Doom2soon
  • Added "2H RT Cyclone Map Demo x5" to video section
  • Updated "Hardcore passive tree" - shoutout to SataJet
  • Updated "Duelists passive trees" - shoutout to TriFabian
  • Added "2H RT Cyclone - Uber Atziri Attempts & Discussion" to video section
  • Added "Recommended Stats Before Attempting" in "Apex of Sacrifice" - shoutout to dr460nf1r3
  • Updated & overhauled all hyperlinks and URL's
  • Added Aura calculation links to "Gems and Links" section
  • Updated Links & Plugs at the bottom of the guide with [ Youtube / Livestream / Community Build Guide Feature / Lighty Builds ]
  • Updated Aura section so the options are more clear - shoutout to Accurization
  • Added "Max Block Sword & Board Cyclone *tempest league*" section
  • Updated passive tree to fix visual error showing a numerical discrepancy - shoutout to Leodeus
  • Added Links to My Divination Card along with backstory and spoiled art!
  • Added Sub-Section "Long Explanation About Immortal Call & Enduring Cry in 2.0" - shoutout to dMo87
  • Added section "How To Craft Endgame 2H Cyclone Weapons"
  • Updated the "Helpful Uniques" with newer additions
  • Added "Mirror'd (3T1 Prefix + T1 Attack Speed) Coronal Mace Attempts" subsection to the Third Build Area
  • Compacted and Streamlined the Third Build Area
  • Added "Beginners Introduction" - shoutout to tincat
  • Updated "leveling" section with a detailed breakdown or how and where to progress though the story-mode
  • Updated Cover Art for Halloween!
  • Added Vaal Ground Slam Setup to "gems & links" section
  • Updated "required gear" section so its more streamlined and easy to read; with better prefix/suffix examples aswell
  • Updated "Map Mods" Section into a list based system with graphical improvements
  • Updated "Videos" section into a list based system with graphical improvements
  • Updated to much shit to mention; alot of fat was trimmed and info has been corrected.
  • Updated "Gems & Links" section with graphical improvements and an info overhaul
  • Added "Alluring Abyss" section and began to input info
  • Updated "jewel" section to be more clear and concise
  • Added "Jewel Showcase" to "jewel" section <3
  • Updated "Passive Trees" section with listed dropdown menus and min/maxed trees from 2.0 - shoutout to PikaBanga
  • Shoutout to Zenix for being a bitch
  • Updated "Apex of Sacrifice" section to reflect recent guide changes and opinions on cyclone post 2.0
  • Updated Curse & Aura section for Blasphemy 2.1
  • Updating various sections for 2.1 Update
  • Updated help section to "Feel free to ask any questions and if its Cyclone related asking it on the forum may help others with similar questions"
  • Updated Inspired Learning Section with 4 active working locations across the passive tree
  • Constant update section from forum based on Ascendancy Subclasses
  • Updated for patch 2.1
  • Added blasphemy support under the aura subsection of "gems and links" Shoutout to Psychoactive
  • Updated mana cyclone subsection to reflect the mana level scaling changes of cyclone in patch 2.1
  • Removed elreon jewelry from the leveling section to reflect the mana level scaling changes of cyclone in patch 2.1
  • dded Hezmana's Bloodlust Vaal Axe to helpful uniques section
  • Added "weapon bases" section to build summary
  • Added Iron reflexes suggestion to the build summary section
  • Added Writhing Talisman to the Talisman Section
  • Updated Taste of Hate physical mitigation under flask section Shoutout to Kadath128
  • Added the retch to the belts subsection of helpful uniques
  • Corrected under aura subsection where I said atziri disfavour bleed is local, its global.Shoutout to scisco
  • Updated ascendancy class viability for duelist & marauder
  • Updated cyclone page art to make the build summary more viable on the scroll. Also doubled the pixel rate
  • Fixed error with suggestion that i73 for t2 %physical (tyrannical) as 2nd best crafting base. Corrected to i77 for t1 flat physical (flaring)Shoutout to Bernie Madoff
  • Added Blasphemy + Hatred to aura list
  • Added FAQ to 2nd subsection after compiling enough to make the section worthwhile
  • Updated 2nd Subsections graphics to match the rest of the guide.
  • Added my thoughts on each ascendancy subclass
  • Added enchantment section to guide
  • Updated enchantment section to reflect current information
  • Added 2.2 temporary passive tree section
  • Updated Enchantment breakdown and Explanations section to reflect current information
  • Updated Helm Enchantments Shoutout to Archimtiros
  • Began Complete Guide Transition to 2.2
  • Added onslaught and smoke flask to flask section
  • redacted and condensed alluring abyss section
  • Shoutout to Archimtiros for responding to questions while I stream/record
  • Added leveling tree's to passive tree section
  • Changed req lv28 to req lv31 on leveling subsection
  • Added Essence Worm to the helpful unique section for BM Keystone
  • Updated the leveling section
  • Added Labyrinth section
  • Updated Labyrinth with basic list of helpful tips
  • Updated Labyrinth Section Aesthetically
  • Began 2.3 update
  • Added section for crit cyclone
  • Updated Ascendancy Subsection briefly discussing the benefits of each
  • Updated uniques section with 2.4 related 2h rt items
  • Updated enchantments list to be more precise
  • Updated ascendancy choices based on current meta/patch
  • Added deaths door to labyrinth section
  • Upgraded channel art to higher res and added skyforge to image
  • Removed many uniques that became antiquated or useless compared to newer ones

Explanation of Abbreviations
  • 2h = Two-Handed
  • rt = Resolute Technique
  • dps = Damage per Second
  • pdps = Physical Damage per Second
  • res = Resistances
  • aoe = Area of Effect
  • lhog = Life Gained on Hit
  • hc = Hardcore
  • sc = Softcore
  • OP = Overpowered
  • atm = At the moment
  • imo = In my opinion
  • hoa = Herald of Ash
  • wed = Weapon Elemental Damage
  • aa = Arctic Armour
  • vgs = Vaal Ground Slam
  • fotm = Flavor of the Month
  • meta = Recently Publicized or Ahead of the Curve Info/Tactics
  • ic = Immortal Call
  • hypo = Hypothermia
  • lust = Bloodlust
  • Hez = Hezmana's Bloodlust

FAQ in Q&A Format

Q: Whats up with Hypothermia?

A: So I like hypo for the 5th/6th slot if your running AA only and even then I have an issue with its radius compared to the radius of cyclone. Your cyclone's spin is larger than that of AA's chilled ground applied beneath you, because of this often mobs are killed prior to being within the chilled ground. That changes for party play and unique/boss mobs where there life pool is large enough to sustain multiple hits. So I suggest having faster attacks as your 5th/6th slot and swapping in hypo when playing in a group or for larger enemies to improve your single target. The more multiplier on it is very enticing and some players have even worked in Cwdt + arctic breath setups into there play to up the odds of enemies being chilled while mainlining hypo instead of keeping it in inventory to swap.

Q: Whats up with Bloodlust?

A: Bloodlust another a very nice more multiplier that only works in a very small scenario. The way it works is that you link Bloodlust to cyclone but cannot gain the bleed required to activate Bloodlust with cyclone itself. Because of this you need to trigger a bleed on your target with another attacks; such as vengeance or leap slam. This works best with Atziri's Disfavour that causes bleeding on hit. So the basic playstyle would be you leap slam into the target applying the bleed and causing your Bloodlust gem linked to cyclone to activate granting the more multiplier (this wont show on your tooltip dps). Since the base duration of bleed is 5 seconds in single target fights such as boss encounters you essentially hope your vengeance gets activated or manually leap slam again to re-apply the bleed in order to keep Bloodlust active.

Q: Why Arctic Armour if we dont gain the stationary effect?

A: Sadly there is no better 25% aura to run than arctic armour and it isn't worth investing into aura nodes to work different aura's into the mix in most cases (however it can be done). Despite our constant motion we still gain the very nice effect of chilled ground which applies to the majority of out enemies as we pass through them. Chill grants -30% movement/attack/cast speed which makes a noticeable difference when tackling tougher content and scary bosses. Largely it makes dodging highly telegraphed moves such as Voll's smash and Dominus's touch of god much easier. Hopefully down the road we will gain access to a better aura selection or have another 50% aura become more beneficial.

Q: Whats The Best Ascendancy For Hardcore?

A: A build for Hardcore and Softcore are the same. The idea that dying is okay in Softcore is simply bad and losing 10% exp at 95+ is almost as bad as ripping in Hardcore. There will always be a "best" class and as of patch 2.5 its Slayer (duelist). Every single Ascendancy(mentioned above) is viable but cannot compare to Slayer for any league or difficulty.

►Trusted Forum Moderators: Archimtiros&Samir

IGN: lighty_cyclone Feel free to ask any questions and if its Cyclone related asking it on the forum may help others with similar questions

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Gonna tag this thread,will wait patiently for updates!

Playing Cyclone Marauder 1.3/2.0!
Completed 8 Challengesbadwilly wrote:
Gonna tag this thread,will wait patiently for updates!

Playing Cyclone Marauder 1.3/2.0!

Let me know if you have any questions as this thread is replacing my previous one
Hey Lighty,
You don't speak about the cost management for end game 2.0
Do you rely only blood magic?

I didn't play cyclone during beta but was thinking about going for this kind of build


With the unrelenting wheel and the revelry + some mana leech on gear I thought the mana cost could be manageable.
Did you had the chance to test it?
Last edited by Dr4w on Jul 7, 2015 1:17:59 PM
Ehm.... why US? i mean, as acycloner you are immun to stun. thats a waste of 2 points...
IGN Krovanh
Completed 24 ChallengesHyron wrote:
Ehm.... why US? i mean, as acycloner you are immun to stun. thats a waste of 2 points...

Oops... my bad
(tree edited to correct my mistake)
Last edited by Dr4w on Jul 7, 2015 1:18:42 PM
Completed 24 ChallengesHyron wrote:
Ehm.... why US? i mean, as acycloner you are immun to stun. thats a waste of 2 points...

In higher level maps theirs times when your walking between mob packs and lest say either a leap slam monster or flicker strike with dangerous mods can hit you, or even a pack of them, Id rather spend the 2 points to prevent the chance to be stun locked in any scenario.
Completed 24 ChallengesDr4w wrote:
Hey Lighty,
You don't speak about the cost management for end game 2.0
Do you rely only blood magic?

I didn't play cyclone during beta but was thinking about going for this kind of build


With the unrelenting wheel and the revelry + some mana leech on gear I thought the mana cost could be manageable.
Did you had the chance to test it?

With the new cyclone mana costs it is entirely possible and may even be better to go a mana variation. I would say its all based on your attack speed and how many links your running. I will test both scenarios day 1 of release and make variations with corresponding notes for each. One of the main reasons I was initially going to run cyclone off blood magic because I was intending on running three auras (haste-hatred-HoA) which would take up i believe 98% of my mana pool.

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