[1.3.x] 4L self cast no burn crit Discharger, up to 110k dmg cheap - We cast Rainbow Nuke!

wow nice, that's really something! I will try perfect gear now that I'm in standard :D
I managed to get up to 110k tooltip :D using maligaro's instead of my es gloves. :D

updated with some info and Standard gear. Unfortunatly I'm unable to use facebreaker or maligaro's at the moment. I hope to catch up awgxhd dmg soon enought :)
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awgxhd can you shared your items? equipment? flasks?
Testing out a Vagan's hits can't be evaded dagger i had crafted and the leech is very useful.

Rest of my gear:


Currently level 79 with the templar. 50k tooltip with increased aeo and around 95k+ with conc. effect

99k and I haven't quality on the support gems! I can reach you awgxhd :D
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nice title
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You bumped a thread from 1.3.x just to say that?
thanks you very much, Currently level 80 with the templar
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