Kripparrian's Frost Pulse Maurader.

Freeze Pulse Marauder* Sorry I'm an idiot.
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Thanks for the Skilltree.

Did he start as Melee and switched to Freeze Pulse?

Why did he pick Static Blow? Isn't it for Lightning damage only but Freeze Pulse is cold?
He used bows the first time I watched his stream. I think poison arrow was the skill he used.
He uses FP with Added Lightning Damage.
Leveled with PA in Silverbranch.

The build is strong, but too gear dependent.
Thanks for the infos!

I guess Kripp got pretty good gear, so if a -normal- Player would try this build it wont be as good as he's on the stream.
If a normal player attempted this build it wouldn't work at all :p

It relies completely on Astramentis for the +100 all stats, he doesn't have near enough stats in his tree to work without it.
krip has access to so much currencies it doesn't even matter what "build" he makes, it's kind of a shame really, I would like to see him make more innovative builds equivalent to the "budget builds" like in D3.

the bad thing about when he makes really good builds is that they get nerfed, since OK players manage to slowly progress through hard content but RICH bastards just fly through content ala templar archern LA + 6auras, that was OP and later chain+LA got nerfed.
forzazx6 wrote:
krip has access to so much currencies it doesn't even matter what "build" he makes, .

Got any tips/link on a other freezing pulse build? just bought alot of gems&gear on my shadow to mimic this build but cant afford that 100 al stats neck :p
IGn Name: Spatten
Making a build around one item is always a bad idea. Games change, builds change, items change.
The idea of being a tank and using freezing pulse attracts me. It looks like a lot of fun!

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